Comic Timing – Episode 200: Live From Florida!

Comic Timing has hit 200 episodes! Most DC and Marvel comics don’t hit 200 issues thanks to reboots, but there are NO reboots here! Just Ian and Brent, one on one, mano y mano in sunny Florida! Listen to Ian and Brent reflect on 200 episodes and everyone who has taken part of it! Thank you to all the listeners and contributors!

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The Grawlix Podcast #64: 4th Anniversary Live Lovin’

Grawlix Podcast 4 YearsOur 4 year anniversary live show! We live streamed this Q&A episode to our Patreon page March 4th, 2018… 4 years to the day we recorded the very first episode of Grawlix! Lots of questions from fellow podcasters and listeners, lots of answers, surprise reactions and no editing! Enjoy!

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Grawlix Nights #11: Jarrod Steenblock of One Stop Comics

On this episode of the Grawlix Podcast interview series Jesse sits down with Jarrod Steenblock, owner operator of One Stop Comics in Fremont, Nebraska, for an early morning Grawlix Nights! (Yeah, you read that correctly!) Originally streamed live to our Facebook page they discuss owning a comic book store, comic books, gaming and taking the road less traveled. Enjoy!

You can watch the original Facebook Live video interview here.

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Super Hero Speak – #170:Philly Pod Fest 2016

This week the guys give you their live performance from Philly Pod Fest 2016! Recorded in front of a live audience at Amalgam Comics in Philly. The guys are joined by the owner of Amalgam Comics Ariel Johnson who tell them all about the inspiration for the shop and what it’s like running a community oriented business. Plus they all play Marvel Trivia! Big Thanks to Philly Pod Fest for having us back this year! So sit back and Enjoy, and when you are done listening if you are in the Philly are go check out Amalgam Comics on Frankford Ave.170-ppf16

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Grawlix Bytes #6: Facebook Live Ramble w/ Brandon Lipani

Grawlix Bytes

Originally streamed live to the Grawlix Podcast Facebook page! Randy is joined by Brandon Lipani of The Technology Geek and Survivalist Podcast for a impromptu live chat. They discuss recent DC animated films, what Brandon is reading, and a whole bunch of behind the scenes talk about Patreon and podcast hosting services.


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RBDHB Live #2 Superman The Animated Series

Due to the snow day that has halted everything in the North East, Deshawn & Frank had to stay inside today. So that means no comic reviews for this week buuuut we decided to do a podcast anyways & turn it into a LIVE event. Come chat Superman The Animated Series, DC Comics and Batman VS Superman News at Real Books Don’t Have Batman Podcast goes live on youtube!

We are going to be talking Superman The Animated Series!

1343 btman 5

RBDHB: Gravity Review

Deshawn and Frank are going Live to review Gravity! The new movie starring Sandra Bullock and George Clooney that comes out next month! Come join us in our discussion and hear our two cents on the film

Gravity is a sci-fi thriller by Alfonso Cuarón, Sandra Bullock is a medical Officer that works with a seasoned Veteran, George Cloony, to survive after a space accident

2013_gravity_movie-wide rbdhb-01

Too Old to Grow Up! – Episode 100 – LIVE

It’s a milestone event, Episode 100 of Too Old to Grow Up!  We recorded LIVE in front of a studio audience, and took calls from listeners for pretty much the entire night.  Here’s the complete, unedited show.  See you next week as we begin “The Next 100.”

Catch Da Craze TV Episode #128 Marcos Perez


Creator Marcos Perez on Catch Da Craze TV
Creator Marcos Perez on Catch Da Craze TV

Live at the MOCCA Art Festival, Field reporter Darien Torres caught up with independent creator Marcos Perez to discuss his books and more. 

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Too Old to Grow Up! – Episode 20 – The Weird Al Show

Can we fill an hour just talking about Weird Al Yankovic? Can we do it LIVE over the internet? Yes on both counts. We went to see Weird Al in concert and spent this episode talking about our memories of Al and our experience at the show. We did it all Live on, and you can see the unedited video at
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