Two True Freaks! Episode 81 – Star Trek Monthly Monday #13


Isn’t the saying supposed to be – “All the women want to have Kirk and all the men want to BE Kirk”? Apparently, this episode is going to prove half of that saying wrong with TWO tales of mentally ill women actually BECOMING Captain Kirk! One uses a mysterious alien technology in the original tv series episode “The Turnabout Intruder”!. The other employs ancient shape-shifting techniques to pull the ol’ switcheroo in DC Comics’ Star Trek issue #6!

And did I say that was all? Well, you are most definitely NOT excused, so sit your ass down and get comfortable for a trip below the sea to ORCA’S BOOK CLUB!!

And finally…brace yourselves and prepare your brains, dear listeners, for an EXPLOSIVE ANNOUNCEMENT! Star Trek Monthly Monday will NEVER BE THE SAME!!!! AHAHAHAHA!

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