Comic News Insider Episode 834 – The Quick and the CNI!

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Reviews: Alisik #1, Lockjaw  #1, The Terrifics #1, Final Space series premiere, Star Wars Rebels series finale

Jimmy is back in NYC! Alas, due to being way behind and regular co-hosts busy, he has to do a quickie solo episode. But as usual, he rallies some of his awesome CNI correspondents to send in audio reviews. Thanks to Ashley, Heidi, Jon and Marta. You all did great jobs! News includes: DC Comics is publishing comics based in Neil Gaiman’s Sandman world, Marvel Comics is bringing a new The Sentry series, Star Wars may have time travel now and more! Leave your iTunes comments! 5 stars and nothing but love! Also, get a hold of us!



Comic News Insider

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He’s Got Issues #178.1: Marvel Comics, 6/10/15


  • 1602 Witch Hunter Angela #1
  • Captain America And The Mighty Avengers #9
  • Captain Marvel And The Carol Corps #1
  • Dark Tower The Drawing Of The Three House Of Cards #4 (Of 5)
  • Ghost Racers #1
  • Inferno #2
  • Inhumans Attilan Rising #2
  • Kanan #3
  • Marvel Universe Avengers Assemble Season Two #8
  • Marvel Zombies #1
  • Max Ride First Flight #3 (Of 5)
  • Mrs Deadpool And The Howling Commandos #1
  • Secret Wars 2099 #2 (Of 5)
  • Secret Wars Journal #2 (Of 5)
  • Silk #5
  • Silver Surfer #12
  • Spider-Gwen #5
  • Spider-Verse #2
  • Ultimate End #2 (Of 5)
  • Weirdworld #1


  • Ant-Man Scott Lang TP
  • Deadpool By Posehn And Duggan Volume 2 HC
  • Iron Man Volume 5 Rings Of The Mandarin TP
  • Marvel Masterworks The Fantastic Four Volume 17 HC
  • Marvel’s Ant-Man Prelude TP
  • Miles Morales Ultimate Spider-Man Volume 2 Revelations TP
  • Ms Marvel Volme 3 Crushed TP
  • Silver Surfer Volume 2 Worlds Apart TP (You Tube Channel) (Podcast) (Facebook)