Arc Reactions – 70 – Kaijumax Season 1

WARNING! In this episode we talk about a sexual assault scene in Issue 4 of this story. We will provide a trigger warning before we begin talking about it and our show notes will have the time stamps of when we start talking about it and when we finish talking about it.

Kaijumax is a story about giant monsters (Kaiju) that are imprisoned on an island with guards who can grow into giant superheros. We talk about the world building, the tone of the book, the humor, and more.


Made up curse words and slurs (14:16)
Electrogar’s rape scene (17:29)

Aftermath of Jeung Killing a Kaiju (22:20)
World Building (26:35)
Humor (34:18)

Tone of the book (36:46)


Our next podcast will be our review of the Netflix Iron Fist series on April 16th.

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