Episode 43: Keeping It Real Like the Man of Steel / Weird Science DC Comics Podcast



ep 43: Jim and Eric get together on Halloween Night, but kind of ignore that fact to talk about DC Comics as usual.  They go over all the DC Comics News, Comic books and even get to talk about Vic Sage’s porn addiction, Mythbrawl and why Batman is the most selfish god of them all.  While they may not be huge fans of every book they talk about, they keep it real like the Man of Steel.  I’m not sure what that means, but I like the sound of it!

DC Comics Reviewed this episode: Batman and Robin Eternal #4, We are Robin #5, Grayson #13, Justice League Darkseid War: Batman #1, Batgirl #45, Black Magick #1, Superman #45, The Flash #45, Cyborg #4, Aquaman #45, New Suicide Squad #13, Sinestro #16, Deathstroke #11

Flash Comic Book Reviews: Prez #5, All-Star Section Eight #5, Gotham by Midnight #10, He-Man and the Eternity War #11, Justice League 3001 #5, Robin: Son of Batman #5

DC Comics Comic Book News: Cullen Bunn quits Aquaman because of Eric, Rupert Grint in NBC Superhero pilot, Gotham casts Mr. Freeze, Gotham casts Nora Fries, Chris Pine confirms he is in the Wonder Woman Movie

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He’s Got Issues #180.2: DC Comics, 6/24/15


  • Aquaman #41
  • Batgirl #41
  • Batman ’66 #24
  • Deathstroke #7
  • Effigy #6
  • Flash #41
  • Gotham By Midnight #6
  • Grayson #9
  • Green Lantern The Lost Army #1
  • Injustice Gods Among Us Year Four #4
  • Justice League 3001 #1
  • Suiciders #5
  • Superman #41
  • Teen Titans #9
  • We Are Robin #1


  • Aquaman And The Others Volume 2 Alignment Earth TP
  • Batman And Robin Volume 5 The Big Burn TP
  • Batman And Robin Volume 6 The Hunt For Robin HC
  • JSA Omnibus Volume 3 HC
  • Secret Six Volume 2 Money And Murder TP

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