Episode 283: The June Previews Catalog

Derek’s Design Gripe

Paul and Derek are back with another look at the latest Previews catalog. And for the month of June, they find a variety of fascinating title…and several of which they even resist mention on mic, in the interests of keeping the show containable and relatively short. Among the many publishers and titles that they focus on are:

Comics Alternative, Episode 243: The June Previews Catalog

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Ben Affleck and Jason Lee

The Two Guys with PhDs, AKA “Ben” and “Jason,” are back with another Previews episode. And for the month of June, there’s a lot that Andy and Derek want to highlight. Among the many upcoming titles they discuss are:


Comics Alternative, Episode 190: The June Previews Catalog

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Wallet-Busting Goodness


It’s the first of the month, and that must mean that it’s time, once again, for the Two Guys with PhDs to take a conversational stroll through the latest Previews catalog. For the month of June, there is an inordinately large number of notable titles for Derek and Andy W. to discuss, making this a longer-than-average episode (a little over two hours). So strap in and get ready to boogie! Among the many solicits they highlight are from publishers such as

Andy and Derek also discuss the new Goodreads reading group The Comics Alternative is setting up, and they ask listeners for their input in how they’d like to use that social media platform. They also share some audience feedback and encourage everyone to go to the podcast’s iTunes page to leave a rating and review, if they haven’t already.  In other words, do your part for The Comics Alternative!