Super Hero Speak – #259: F is for Family (Deadpool 2 Review)

The best Romantic comedy of 2016 follows it up with the best family film of 2018, Deadpool 2! JD if off this week so the guys had to bring in Fans on Patrol‘s Montago Bradley to help out with this one. Is it as good as the first? Better? Does Ryan Reynolds finally get out from under Hugh Jackman’s shadow? All these questions and more are explored as we review Deadpool 2!

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Uncanny Sessions: Uncanny Avenger #29 Review

Only one issue left! This month Ryan is joined by Rob to recap and discuss Uncanny Avengers #29. We’re getting closer to the end and No Surrender is knocking at the door. Ryan and Rob ponder on the aftermath coming for their favorite displaced team and more. Join the guys for a entertaining uncanny recording session. Thanks for listening!

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Radio Free Asgard 199


This week brings us Part 2 of “The Eighth Day” as we cover Iron Man #22! Stark and his intrepid crew of misfits find their way to Farallah’s temple… and Kalibak!!.er…Carnivore!!

Radio Free Asgard 197


This week we cover Thor #17, part One of “The Eighth Day”!  Thor is interrupted from his battle with the Enchanters to go fight The Juggernaut using his enchanted tool! (oooh my!)  Plus we wonder ‘what are the rules when someone lifts Mjolnir’?

RBDHB: X-Men Retrospective – X-Men: The Last Stand & X-Men Origins

RBDHB: X-Men Retrospective – X-Men: The Last Stand & X-Men Origins
We delve into the mess that is X-Men: The Last Stand & X-men Origins: Wolverine. All part of our retrospective of the X-Men films With Days of Future Past nearing, we’ve decided to review the X-Men films in pairs, & we get to the dregs of the series here.

btman 5

ARP – 03 – Phoenix Saga

Dylan and John discuss the Phoenix Saga and Dark Phoenix saga from X-Men 101-108 and 129-138. Marvel Comics published these stories in 1976 and 1980.

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Arc Reactions Podcast – 03 – Phoenix Saga.mp3


Talking Points


Jean – weakest X-Man to Strongest X-Man (106?)

Professor is a coward

Did Hellfire (Mastermind) manipulate Jean to release the Dark Phoenix?

Weird fill-in issue (106 – another issue with the new team fighting the old team. same as 100)

Wolvie/Jean and Peter/Kitty romances

Best Mastermind story ever?

Storm’s ability to make her costume with her ‘powers’ (also Phoenix and Colossus at times)

Family relations (brother/cousin) being immune to your mutant power

Trope of women being incapable of handling great power and self sacrificing

The mental blocks holding back the Phoenix and allowing Jean to control it


First appearances


Black Tom Cassidy (101)

Kitty Pride (129)

Starjammers (107)

Dazzler (130)

Sebastian Shaw (129)

Emma Frost (129)

Hellfire Club (129)

Senator Kelly (135, mentioned in 133)

Gladiator (107)

Storm’s Origins (102)



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