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What Is Journalism?


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  • 0:03:30 – Interview with Sarah Glidden
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On this interview episode, Andy and Derek are pleased to have Sarah Glidden as their guest. Her new book, Rolling Blackouts: Dispatches from Turkey, Syria, and Iraq, comes out this week from Drawn and Quarterly, and the guys talk with Sarah about this work as well as her previous book, How to Understand Israel in 60 Days or Less, a new edition of which has also been recently released. They begin by asking Sarah about the differences between, as well as the confluence of, memoir and journalism in her comics, and that speculative tone discussion sets the stage for the rest of the interview. The author goes into detail when sharing her philosophy of writing, and she provides a thorough history surrounding the context of the Rolling Blackouts and its differences from her earlier work.



Deconstructing Comics #461: The Legend of Andy Warner

The Legend of the BunnymanLast year at the comics journalism panel discussion in San Francisco, we met Andy Warner, whose work has appeared mostly on newsy Web sites. This week, Andy fills us in on how he gets freelance work with these sites. Also, the golden age of US newspaper strips, time management, the need for more support for comics (and ALL media), and… the Legend of the Bunnyman!

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Deconstructing Comics #386: Joe Sacco’s “Safe Area Gorazde” and “Journalism”

gorazdeJoe Sacco is surely THE trailblazer in the area of using comics as a medium for journalism; his work reads like a documentary film, or a remote report on the evening news. At his best, such as in Safe Area Gorazde, he not only gets you much more emotionally involved than the evening news ever could, he takes advantage of the medium to communicate in ways that video can’t. At the same time, he pulls back the curtain on how the presence of a journalist affects the actions of those around him.

Tim and Kumar examine Gorazde and also the anthology collection Journalism.

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