Comic News Insider Episode 353 – CNI One-Shot! SDCC TV Special: Chuck, Fringe, Grimm, Tucker & Dale vs. Evil!


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It’s our San Diego Comic-Con TV special! Okay, okay. I KNOW that Tucker & Dale vs. Evil is a movie, but it was the last interview left from SDCC and I wanted to throw it in this episode. CNI correspondents Megan Fischer and Melissa Bleier took care of these interviews for your listening pleasure. The sound is a bit rough on a couple as one event was outdoors and some of the roundtable rooms were quite loud. Still, they got some great questions in and did an awesome job. Megan sat in on the roundtables for both Chuck and Fringe while Melissa covered the Grimm roundtable and Tucker & Dale vs. Evil red carpet.  Leave your iTunes comments! 5 stars and nothing but love!

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