Comic Timing – Episode 161: NYCC 2014 Con Wrap-Up!


Well, the New York Comic Con has come and gone once again. Time to talk about it in depth! Kris and Ian do just that, and a virtual bag of chips. Topics include swag obtained, cosplay seen, how the floor plan has changed over the years, some gripes that occurred over the weekend, how Javits North is the only place worth going to the bathroom, panels aattended, and more! And more includes Ian’s experience at the Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited Plus panel, where he got to see a bunch of stuff you guys won’t see for a few more months! Hint: Peggy likes to dance, Ant-Man is tiny, and ULTRON HAS NO STRINGS.

As always – we are sponsored by DCBS! That’s right! Discount Comic Book Service! All comics from major publishers like Marvel, DC, Image and Dark Horse are 40% off or more. And hardcovers and trade paperbacks from Marvel and DC are at least 50% off! Plus, be sure to check out their Comixology digital storefront for even further savings! And be sure to check out Kris’ fashion Tumblr for a bunch of cosplay photos from the con, as well as some kickass T-shirts!

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Super Hero Speak #20: Jeff Suter

Hey there true believers this week we sit down with the host of Marvel’s official podcast The Mighty Marvel Podcast. He is also the Sr. Art Director over at Marvel, Jeff Suter. We talked to Jeff about Marvel, hosting podcasts, his band and many other topics. Jeff is a great guy and this interview was a lot of fun for us so we hope you enjoy. ‘Nuff Said.


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Super Podcasto Magnifico! Ep. #144: Age of Ultron. The Whole Thing.

Episode #144

On this podcast we review the finale to Marvel’s latest event: Age of Ultron. You knew this was coming, right? Then we try to end on a positive note with some news from last week. Well, we try, anyway. Listen in!


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Super Podcasto Magnifico! Ep. #87: DC Nation vs. Marvel Universe

Episode #87

This week, it’s a DC vs. Marvel fight of a different kind as we compare the animation blocks: DC Nation and Marvel Universe. Which block has the better shows? Which has the better extras? Listen in and vote!

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F BombCast 96: Flying Stags with Missile Packs

Do you feel like Partying? Then call this episode 100, feeling slightly tired and wish Episode 100 was another week, you are in luck cause you can say it is Episode 96. We learn Many Things in this episode that  are pertinent to the survival of our society, such as ummm…well…ahhhhhh.. yeah i was on the show and just finished listening to it and barely remember what the hell we spoke about. All i know is it was a party and all of you are invited. Me and Kev go over our top five brutal scenes in Film (cause someone needs more than a one day reminder). We here about a super shitty SciFi movie, and learn what Mike doesn’t like about the newest Dr. Who. Comic talk is represented with a great talk on Red Robin and Booster Gold. We go over the hatred that is One Moment in Time. TJ Gets slightly confused on Reading Korean Manga because it reads Correctly. Also some Hatred spewed at a Breast Cancer Research Charity and at Robert Kirkman.

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F BombCast 83: Free Comic Book Debauchery

Live from Free Comic Book Day in Beautiful Shrewsbury, New Jersey, The F BombCast is Flying at you with balls out. Do you like comics? I SAID DO YOU LIKE COMIC BOOKS?!?!?!? This is the episode for you, From discussion the way to run a comics show, To the past 5 years in COmics Book Films, To who is the coolest DC character right now, this is the episode for you. We lear that Kevin quite possibly has a clone when you are introduced to the funny stylings of Jarrett Kruse, and we meet one of the coolest Comic Shop owners ever in Brian Stretton (who may be Bizzarro TJ). The audio came in great and the audience participation was also great.

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Backroom Comics Podcast Episode 50 – Eating Ramen Noodles

Kevin and Jason discuss the controversy surrounding Captain America #602, and Scott from Arcane joins Kevin for a discussion about the upcoming events Brightest Day and Age of Heroes.  If you are interested in sharing your thoughts please visit our website.

Additionally, we are proud to announce an ongoing column by the creators of R13, Indy Comic Fail!

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Catch Da Craze Episode 136 Planet Hulk Premiere Screening Pt1

Live at Planet Hulk Premiere Screening in NYC


So here is the live coverage from the Premiere screening of the long anticipated animation Planet Hulk. This is part one of a 2 part episode. Here you get in depth interviews from the creative minds behind Marvel Animation. We speak with Editor in Chief Joe Quesada, Author Greg Pak, WWE SuperStar Matt Striker and President of Marvel Animation Eric Rollman. In part 2 James and I discuss the film. The interviews do contain spoilers so proceed with caution.


Critically Acclaimed Sci-Fi Comedy Adventure Comic Series

Order There's an Alien in my Toilet from Haven Distributor and Partners Publishers Group

Comic Couch 62

I am Jack’s Immortal Talent.

What else needs to be said? This week’s reviews are Lock and Key :Welcome to Lovecraft Special Edition #1, Adventure Comics#2, and Dark Reign: The List #1. We also discus this past week’s big comic news, and Dennis tells us more than we need to know about everything:)

Music by The Dropkick Murphys and Wall of Voodoo

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Comics on Comics Episode 15: Jim Krueger

Comics on Comics takes you inside the hottest comic industry event in Los Angeles: Comic Book Sunday!


Host Juan-Manuel Rocha is joined by Jim Krueger (Avengers/Invaders, Project Superpowers, Justice) and fellow Comic Book Sunday founder Ben Jackendoff along with comedians Tom Franck (Comics and Comics) and Tim Babb ( for a wild hour of comics and comedy!


In this episode, our panel looks at Marvel & DC’s return to the 90s storylines in X-men,Superman and Batman before debating the “Breaking of the Marvel Universe” from the perspective of Joe Quesada and Steve Ditko, then takes a look Daniel and Charles Knauf’s reimagined Phantom for Syfy and the impact of comic fanboys on the industry before looking back at the history of Comic Book Sunday and the current and future projects of Jim Krueger!


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the Comic Addiction Podcast – Episode 102: A Conversation with Joe Quesada

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In this episode of The Comic Addiction Podcast Antony, Corwin, and Paul talk comics with Marvel’s very one Editor in Chief – Joe Quesada!


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