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Collective Unconscious

On this episode of the interview show, Derek talks with Jeremy Baum about his latest book, Dörfler (Fantagraphics), a dream-like narrative that combines elements of fantasy, science fiction, psychedelia, pin-up art, and video-game tropes. Structured around multiple (primarily) female characters who appear to inhabit different dimensional realms, Baum’s story is both futuristic as well as surreal. His highly detailed art, composed primarily of grays and blue tones, reveals a dystopic landscape that juxtaposes urban modernity with pastoral themes, resulting in a discursive narrative where both time and space are fluid. Jeremy talks with Derek about the psychological nature of his art and how theDorfler1 philosophies of such writers and artists as Carl JungFyodor Dostoyevsky, and Robert Crumb inform his aesthetics. This is born out most notably in the visual leitmotifs that not only crop up throughout Dörfler, but also largely define Jeremy other works. In fact, the two go on to discuss much of Jeremy’s previous comics, including Heathen (a collection of his earlier graphic art and shorter sequential pieces) and his first long-form narrative, Postland. Derek also asks about Jeremy’s role as an editor and self-publisher, overseeing his own releases as well as the ambitious anthology, Memory, an internationally flavored collection with over 50 contributors. If you’re not already familiar with the unique art of Jeremy Baum, then this interview should serve as an informative introduction.

Check out Jeremy’s space on Deviant Art, where you can find links to his Tumblr and Shopenvy pages.



Sequential Underground #48

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Sequential Underground
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Nick Marino is joined by Jeremy Baum, the Pittsburgh-based artist behind the comics Postland, Extravagant Traveler, and more.

The discussion begins with color, analyzing the intentional and unintentional decisions behind the palettes used in their comics.

But the conversation morphs as they ask bigger questions and push for deeper answers about why they make comics and what they hope to communicate through them.

And congratulations to Jeremy on his successful Kickstarter campaign for Extravagant Traveler #1 which ends today!