F BombCast 99: Charo Stole My Bottle Opener

With the Shaft taking care of a sick wife, the balls come out to play. You get riveting discussion on the greatness of SNL (well old SNL not the shit from the mid 80s or the garbage now) and that leads to a timely discussion on the funniness of Hee-Haw and Carol Burnett. Kevin once again tries to live out his fantasy of being on Love Boat and we learn that the only thing that Brett Somers is good for is offering her hole to Jack Klugman. Kev discusses the Movie Fanboys and that leads to Dr. Who Talk as well as a little start trek (would it be a FBC without these). Next is a lot of comics, but honestly my Blackberry fucked up so i just got to listen to a little bit of it. Here is what i know was discussed: Wolverine Weapon X and Wolverine, REBELS, Angel, Batman, Teen Titans, Avengers: The Children’s Crusade, Captain America. I know there was more and i am going to try and listen again, Just as all you should too, Enjoy!

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