More To Come 59: Exit the Batwoman… Creators

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Recorded by the Comics World division of Publishers Weekly Magazine, it’s More To Come! Your biweekly dose of insider comics publishing news, discussion and controversy.  Starring Heidi MacDonald, the Eisner-nominated blogger of, Calvin Reid, Senior News Editor of Publishers Weekly and Kate Fitzsimons, More To Come’s intrepid producer!

In this week’s episode,  the More to Come Crew discuss Batwoman, J. H. Williams III, W. Haden Blackman and DC’s editorial interference issues, the revived Penny Arcade “Dickwolves” controversy and ramifications for PAX, iFanboy stops operations, Mark Waid turns print comics retailer, More To Come’s own Heidi MacDonald gives a talk about less known influential graphic novels at the Library of Congress and much more on PWCW’s More to Come.

Stay tuned for our next regularly scheduled episode – there will definitely be More To Come!


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The Fourth Wall Comics Podcast #11

It’s catch-up time once again! Jesse and Freddie discuss the first five issues of three more titles from the DC relaunch: Wonder Woman, Batwoman, and Batman! Thar be spoilers abound!

21:03 BATMAN
33:37 End

Intro Music: Dead Kennedys – “I Am The Owl”

The Fourth Wall Comics Podcast #5

Part two of the continuing adventures of The Fourth Wall boys reading DC comic books. The secret word of the day is tepid. As in, “The Fourth Wall’s tepid reception for the following books Grifter, Green Lantern, and Batwoman (to an extent) will be evident if you listen to this episode.”

[00:00] Start
[00:28] Intro
[00:54] Grifter #1
[09:27] Green Lantern #1
[20:14] Batwoman #1
[31:32] End

The Fourth Wall Comics Podcast Episode 110

Freddie, Art, and Danny review four fantastic comics, and two not so fantastic ones.
Egg Nog, Asgardian construction workers,
and Kathy Griffin in tight, black leather are also discussed.
Listen and find out why.


[01:31] Detective Comics 871
[10:42] Batwoman #0
[18:16] Batman and Robin #17
[21:46] Amazing Spider-Man #649
[26:29] Locke & Key: Keys to the Kingdom #3
[31:46] Walking Dead #79

The Fourth Wall Comics Podcast Episode 109

Get ready ladies and gentlemen, for the next hour and five minutes, it’s business time.

Sexy tentacles, Batman’s shiny, new, metal codpiece, and Lindsey Lohan are discussed.


[01:04] Batman Incorporated #1
[09:43] Batman: The Return #1
[18:53] Flash #6
[24:25] Osborn #1 (OF 4)
[34:14] Sixth Gun #6
[41:04] Superior #2 (OF 6)
[56:00] Northlanders #34

CBP: Back Issue Pitt #2 – Legends of the Dark Knight

lodk 192

Listen to this episode

Back Issue Pitt is just what it sounds like; we’ll be talking about an old mini-series or a run of issues for a title that we’ve never read before. It may be a story that was huge or one that no one’s heard of.

This BIP episode features Legends of the Dark Knight #192-196, published by DC Comics in 2005. Written by Dan Curtis Johnson & J.H. Williams III, art by Seth Fisher.

Cover scans and other art for this episode can be found here.

This episode’s music is by Jay-Z.

Comic Book Pitt can be found on iTunes and is a proud member of the Comics Podcast Network.

Email us at or call our voice mail line at (412)450-0CBP (0227).

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Cammy’s Comic Corner – Best of 2009 (I.M.H.O.)

In this 2009 wrap-up, I discuss my favorite Writers, Artists, Series, Story Arc, Single Issue, and Hardcover.

Best Writers – Ed Brubaker, Jonathan Hickman, Peter Tomasi, Mark Waid, Geoff Johns

Best Artists – J.H. Williams III, Tony Daniel, Sean Phillips, Eric Powell, Gabriel Ba

Best Series – Detective Comics (DC), Scalped (Vertigo), Green Lantern Corps (DC), Amazing Spider-Man (Marvel), Green Lantern (DC)

Story Arc – Detective Comics #854-857 “Elegy”

Single Issue – Jonah Hex #50

Don’t agree with my picks? Complain about how wrong I am on the forum!

Teenage Wasteland Episode 49 – Paranormal Activity & Comic Talk

One hour of movie & comic book reviews from your host, Alec Berry.
Items Discussed: Batman #692, Blackest Night: Batman, Criminal: The Sinners #1, Detective Comics #857, Fantastic Four #572, Following, Justice League of America #38, Paranormal Activity, Proof #23
Music featured is by PJ Harvey & Sneaker Pimps

Cammy’s Comic Corner – Episode 89 (7/31/09)

After an exciting last week, I return with picks aplenty! Pick of the Week goes to Greg Rucka and J.H. Williams III for Detective Comics #855 (DC). Fast Five picks include Blackest Night: Tales Of The Corps #3 (DC), Fantastic Four #869 (Marvel), Northlanders #19 (Vertigo), Ignition City #4 (Avatar), and Justice League of America #35 (DC).

Not to worry, the Comic-Con 2009 video will be up in the next few weeks!