Wayne’s Comics Podcast #348: Gilbert Deltrez

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This week, I welcome back to the podcast comics creator Gilbert Deltrez from the great Indie comic Under the Flesh. In this episode, #348, we talk about his latest Kickstarter project, which brings the series back from the dead, as it were! We talk about Gil’s interest in the undead, how he brought the creative team together for this revived comic, and what he has in store for us in the near future! Be sure to go to Kickstarter.com and support this worthy project! To keep up with Gil and what he’s working on, follow him on Facebook or go to his comic’s website!

Wayne’s Comics Podcast #344: Bernie Gonzalez, Cameron Petti

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For the first time ever, in Episode 344 it’s a mystery double-header! First up is Bernie Gonzalez, the creator of Alterna’s new series Midnight Mystery, which you can still order at your local comics shop and is scheduled to arrive on October 31, Halloween! We discuss how Bernie brought the ground-level supernatural book into being, Bernie’s interest in mysteries, and how you can get this book! For more on the series, order it at your local shop (Tell them you want AUG181488 and every following issue added to your subscription!) or check the book’s website here!

Then everything concludes with Cameron Petti, co-creator of the self-published Indie comic Skeleton Bay Detective Agency! Cameron talks about how the series came to be, his successful Kickstarter projects, who the various characters are in this series, the supernatural happenings the Agency will explore, and how you can get this book! For more, check out the comic’s website here! Both of these excellent mystery comics deserve your support, so get into the mysteries today!

Wayne’s Comics Podcast #276: Gilbert Deltrez

Wayne Hall, Wayne’s Comics, Gil Deltrez, Under the Flesh, Lair, demon, zombie, Indie comic, JL Giles,

In Episode 276, I talk with comics creator Gilbert Deltrez about his new Indie comics LAIR – A Para-Dimensional Demon Horror, which you can now support via Kickstarter at this link: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/478659431/lair-a-para-dimensional-demon-horror. Don’t miss this fun chat, and be sure to support this great project today!


Wayne’s Comics Podcast #226 with Brian Demeter and Josh Geoghagan

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Indie comics are some of the most creative available today! Here’s a great example – this week, I talk with creators Brian Demeter and Josh Geoghagan about their terrific 40-page one shot graphic novella A Graveyard For Whales. It’s described as “one man’s journey through the fantastic heights and sinister depths of a beautiful and deadly dreamscape that serves as a challenge, a reminder, and a call to adventure!” We discuss how this book came to be, how I came to buy my copy, and what other projects they have coming that we should know about! To get one for yourself, you can go to the book’s Facebook page or Brian’s website to contact him, or attend a convention he’ll be attending such as the upcoming Earth Fest 2016 in Casselberry, Florida, on Saturday, April 30.  It’s a modern-day fable that’s well-told and worth buying! Highly recommended, so don’t miss what they have to say OR their book!


RBDHB: Josh Dahl Interview

At Boston Comic Con, the writer of Rapid City, Josh Dahl, talks story, independent comic process, and where Rapid City is heading in the future.
Find Rapid City here:

You can find the video version of this interview here:www.youtube.com/watch?v=fhr98Gz3FY0

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