Comic Timing – Episode 112: Mark Waid Interview

On today’s episode, Brent and I have the privilege of interviewing comics visionary and newly promoted Chief Creative Officer of Boom Studios, Mark Waid! Mark has been the writer on such books as Kingdom Come, The Flash, Amazing Spider-Man, Captain America, JLA, The Incredibles, Potter’s Field and countless others. Today, we focus on his upcoming collaboration with Stan Lee and Chris Hardin on Stan Lee’s The Traveler, a new book out of Boom. We also discuss the other two books Stan is collaborating on, we give a quick overview of Irredeemable and Incorruptible for those who have yet to pick it up, and we touch on Mark’s current Amazing Spider-Man storyline “Origin of the Species,” which will conclude the Brand New Day Era of the title. Thanks to Cameron at DCBS for setting up the interview, and major thanks for Mark Waid for chatting with us! We had a lot of fun and can’t wait to see him and the rest of Boom at the New York Comic Con.

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Also, as a quick reminder, Comic Timing will be in the Podcast Arena yet again at this year’s New York Comic Con! The Booth number is 524, and we’ll be sharing table space with none other than Rick Gordon of The Pop Cult Online! Ian will be there on Friday and Saturday only, so if you’d like to stop by and say hello or to say a few words on microphone, go ahead and do so. He’ll be happy to see you. And don’t forget that Friday at 6:30 in Panel Room 5 (subject to change, check the schedule to finalized location) will be the first ever NYCC Podcasting Panel, with the likes of Peter Rios of CGS, Jim and Johnny of Legion of Dudes, Sean and Jim of Raging Bullets, and good old Darrell from…well, everything! We can’t wait for this one, which will be recorded and released for those unable to attend.

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Comic Book Pitt #48: After The Siege

new avengers finale

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Siege, an event that has been seven years in the making, has finally come to a rousing conclusion. Dang and Duke talk about that and other titles that tied in to the Siege event and have also ended.

There’s also some Iron Man 2 talk in the beginning, so if you haven’t seen it, you may want to skip the first 10-12 minutes of the show.

Hey! We’re having a contest! Details are at the end of the episode.

Music in this episode is by George Clinton and Parliament Funkadelic.

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The Next Issue 34: Kick @ss is bad for children…no, really!


The Next Issue Podcast

In Issue 34, Aitch Kev and Will discuss the pros and cons of doing the NFL Draft on a weeknight, Joss Whedon on the Avengers, the NPD numbers and Marvel considering doing smaller budgeted films. In 1st Impressions: The guys going into a ‘long expose’ on why Kick Ass is so great (they really don’t!), Splinter Cell Conviction and Kevin gives much love to the Avatar DVD (heh!). In Comic Reviews: Aitch talks about¬† Irredeemable and Incorruptable by Boom! Studios, Will talks about the graphic novel 45 by Andi Ewington and Kev tackles Brightest Day 0. The guys finish off the show with a roundtable discussion about Kick Ass isn’t bad for kids, but irresponsible parents are.

Cammy’s Comic Corner – Episode 115 (2/21/10)

Another week, another episode! Pick Of The Week goes to Joe Hill & Gabriel Rodriguez for Locke & Key: Crown Of Shadows #3 (IDW). Fast Five picks include Green Lantern #51 (DC), Hellblazer #264 (Vertigo), Blackest Night: The Flash #3 (DC), Incorruptible #3 (BOOM! Studios), and Green Lantern Corps #45 (DC).

Reminder: WonderCon this April!

Comic Book Pitt #43: Year Two Begins!

siege 1

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Happy New Year! This is the first episode of 2010 and the first episode of CBP’s second year. The holidays are over and we have a lot to talk about and catch up on, so let’s get to it!

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