Comic Timing – Episode 184: Changing Political Climates and Comics


As the title implies, Comic Timing goes political this episode, partially as some catharsis after the events of the past few weeks, and also as a way to try and explain and further understand the political climate, and how it effects the comic book industry. Brandon Christopher of Pop Culture Clash, Donovan Moragn Grant of Questions, We Don’t Have Answers, Brent Kossina and Ian Levenstein discuss the decision made by Humberto Ramos and George Perez to refuse attending conventions in Red States after the President Elect takes office, as well as comic shops refusing to stock Motor Crush issue 1 because it has a black female lead. We also discuss tangential political topics that are not entirely comic related, but are still relevant to the overall conversation.

This episode may not be for everyone, but I really do feel like there is some excellent conversation within. No punches were pulled, but everyone involved did their best to be respectful while speaking their minds. Give it a listen and see for yourself!

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Comic Addiction: On The Road – Episode 129: EXTRAORDINARY X-MEN #1

Extraordinary X-Men 2015 #1 - Regular CoverWelcome back to the podcast that started it all for Comic Addiction – “On The Road”.

This episode Chris takes a few minutes while on the way to work to talk about Marvel’s newest X-Men series – EXTRAORDINARY X-MEN #1.

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Where Monsters Dwell 277 with Dan Slott!

WMD 277

This week on the only LIVE comics radio program that is both Amazing AND Superior, we welcome the scourge of your childhood, Dan Slott to the Monster Cave. You know Dan’s work from such comics as Archie’s TMNT, Ren & Stimpy, She-Hulk and of course from his headline making run as the writer of Marvel’s Amazing, Superior and now Amazing again, Spider-Man. Dan joins us LIVE to chat about his passion for comics storytelling, what it’s like to take on an icon like Spidey and maybe to give us the teeniest glimpse into the future of the wall-crawler. If you have a question for Dan Slott, feel free to post it on our Facebook wall or give us a call at 506-453-4949.

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Super Podcasto Magnifico! Ep. #170: No Comic Book Reviews, Just News and Video Games!

Episode #170

On this podcast there are no comic book reviews. Game changer. Instead, we talk comic book news, movie casting, and Superior Squirrel and Blanco pick their most anticipated video games of 2014. Listen in!


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The Watcher will die in the upcoming Original Sin event. Foshkos thinks he’ll fake it.


Super Podcasto Magnifico! Ep. #121: Amazing Spider-Man #700 & Avenging Spider-Man #15.1 Reviews

Episode #120

No more power. No more responsibility. No more Spider-Man.

That’s it, it’s over. On this episode, we review Amazing Spider-Man #700 and Avenging Spider-Man #15.1. What happened? Did Spider-Man 2099 show up? Spoilers ahead, but listen anyway.

BTW, here’s a preview of Superior Spider-Man #1.


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Cammy’s Comic Corner – Episode 205 (4/22/12)


Quite the mind-blowing selection of comics this week! Pick Of The Week goes to Brandon Graham & Farel Dalrymple for Prophet #24 (Image). Fast Five picks include Batman #8 (DC), Rocketeer Adventures 2 #2 (IDW), Amazing Spider-Man #684 (Marvel), The Manhattan Projects #2 (Image), and Wonder Woman #8 (DC). Spoilers!

Comic Timing – Episode 129: The Best And Worst of 2011

Now that 2011 has come and gone, it’s time for Comic Timing’s annual best and worst of 2011 episode! Ian and Brent are joined by Brandon Christopher (TheDabbaDon) and Chad Burdette (caburdet78) as we ramble off everything that 2011 did for us as readers of comics and watchers of comic movies. We also ramble and meander, as always when it’s this particular grouping of individuals on a call. The questions asked to all participants on the call were as follows:

1) If you would have told me in 2010 I’d be reading ________ in 2011, I would have called you a liar.
2) My life is better since I dropped ___________.
3) Of all the NuDCU titles, _________ blew me away. It’s a shame ________ couldn’t have been this good.
4) Thank you 2011 for giving me _______. Best new title around, period.
5) When they canceled __________, I was incredibly annoyed. When they canceled ___________, I danced for joy.
6) The team of __________ and __________ were the writer/artist team of 2011 bar none.
7) __________ was a miniseries/maxiseries that told a complete story even though it only had a few issues to do it with.
8 ) Some of the prettiest pages of 2011 came from ____________’s pencils.
9) The cover to _____________ got me to buy the book.
10) The collected edition for ___________ was completely worth the price.
11) I had such high hopes for _________ until I actually sat down and read it.
12) Best writer of 2011? Had to be ________.
13) Although there weren’t many crossovers or events in 2011, ___________ was the hit of the year.
14) If I had to choose a publisher of the year, the honor goes to ____________.
15) When I read the news about ___________, 2011 changed for me.
16) Man, _________ was a story arc that completely delivered on its promises.
17) Out of all the creators out there, you could say that ___________ had the best year.
18) _____________ was the character of 2012. Who knew?
19) Going into 2012, I am looking forward to _____________ the most out of Marvel.
20) DC’s ________ has me juiced for 2012!

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Deconstructing Comics #001: “Superman Returns” “Revelations” “Hellboy”

FLASHBACK: THE PULSE-POUNDING ORIGIN! We revisit the very first time, more than five years ago, that Tim, Mulele, and Brandon recorded their comics discussion and put it up on the Net. The episode was originally published Dec. 5, 2005. Topics include the trailer for Superman Returns, Revelations by Paul Jenkins & Humberto Ramos, and Mike Mignola passing off art duties on Hellboy. Oh, and, of course, Star Wars.

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