Backroom Comics Podcast Episode 119 – Kickin’ It Old School

The Backroom team take a page from the past by doing one long segment featuring under-appreciated characters, the latest news, and what they’ve been reading.

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F BombCast 122: Charlie Sheen’s Anus: Duh, Winning!

We are back ladies and gentlemen, and what more would you expect from us expect frank conversation on anal sex, blow jobs, and cum right from the get go. We learn today that kevin has an obsession with a certain fallen star who no longer exist in TJ’s eyes. Although he does have Bree Olson so DUH, Winning! Dwayne McDuffie is remembered and kevin wants marvel to put out a remembrance trade to him, but not of the stuff he read already, it is only good if it is something he does not already own. GI Joe Cobra is discussed as is Vampirella, Jennifer Blood, Noche Roja, Fear Itself, and much much more. Enjoy!

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Comic Timing – Episode 103

Hey Gang! We’re back with another review corner! Ian and Brent go over: Human Target, Wierd World of Jack Staff, Chase Variant: One Shot (is all I need), Avengers vs. Atlas, Doomwar, and Blackest Night: Atom and Hawkman! Keep looking out next week for a Megacon/Emerald City Con wrap up!

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Teenage Wasteland Episode 67 – Choker, Ultimate X and a Bit of Business

This week on Teenage Wasteland…

J. Michael Straczynski is set to take on both Wonder Woman and the Man of Steel, and I find it interesting. Plus, a small observation on comic sales and the direct market and a run down of reviews on plenty of Number 1 issues.  And, last but not least, Mr. Sandquist stops by to talk all things Sam Kieth.

Books Discussed
Ultimate X #1
New Ultimates #1
Demo #1
Human Target #1
Choker #1

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Backroom Comics Podcast Episode 51 – Everything But The Kitchen Sink

Greg and Pete discuss the latest wave of comic movie news, Pete and Jason consider the ramifications of the recent shakeup at DC, Greg gives his latest gripe and we share some of our plans for Emerald City ComiCon. If you have comments please stop by our site and share them.

Also, please check out our newest column, Indy Comics Fail!, written by Thomas Hall of R13.

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F BombCast 75: Contest Time!

Well folks, we have been doing this for about 75 shows now and we decided it was a good time for you all to make your own intro. The contest announced last episode is upon us, and TJ uses his handy dandy random number generator to help with the results. Also a new contest is announced and the winners will be announced on episode 80. A lot of stuff is discussed in this show: The Crazies, Whiteout, Suspiria, Step-Brothers, some dutch film, and Constantine. Get your laugh track ready cause sitcoms are our top five, then plenty of glorious comics talk. She Hulk, Wonder Woman, Human Target, Super Girl, Young Inhumans, Choker, and Wildstorm after the Fall all get a good amount of time. Which two do TJ think are some of the worst comics written? Listen and find out.

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Wrapped In Plastic # 55 – Legoland

on this episode:
-jay’s picks
-comic bag
-r.i.p. around comics
-human target tv review
-beef of the week
-spidey signal
-scot’s corner: brent vs. y the last man
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