F BombCast 143: Slap Tag A Go Go

The month of horror is winding down, and so did the NYCC. Kev was the only one to make it this year, but he had a blast. Find out who the dick of the con was, and who the really nice guys were. Dark Shadows is discussed as is the awesomeness of the Strangers and Red State. Kevin and TJ have a game of slap tag over how integral Batwoman’s sexuality is to her origin as a masked vigilante‚Ķhint kevin is wrong. and then Mike and Kevin make the most incorrect Kirby statement of the decade since Kamandi is where it is at. Enjoy!

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F BombCast 142: Six Degrees of Jesus Christ



Mike is back with a vengeance. And it is the month of horror so of course that means a discussion of Blade Runner and Other Sci Fi awesomeness. Horror is finally gotten to and a rousing debate about how much Nightmare on Elm Street 2 either sucks or is awesome ensues. And this week TJ does find the ability to multitask and the comic section lives. Avengers, OMAC, Action Comics, and Pigs are all discussed. Sorry for the short intro, but i feel it does the job. Enjoy!


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