Comics Alternative Interviews: Another Conversation with Jules Feiffer

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Accidental Noir

In 2014 Jules Feiffer published Kill My Mother (Liveright Publishing), a noir crime narrative set in 1933 — and then later moving forward into 1943 — involving not only hard-boiled characters, but also their exploits within the entertainment industry. Feiffer followed that up in 2016 with Cousin Joseph, the second book in what was now projected as a trilogy. That graphic novel is, in many ways, a prequel to the earlier book. Taking place in 1931, readers are introduced to police detective Sam Hannigan, a figure who looms largely over Feiffer’s recent run. His spirit is likewise prevalent in the new graphic novel, The Ghost Script. With this book, Feiffer wraps up his series, which he has called an “accidental noir trilogy.” In this interview, Derek talks with Feiffer about the “accidental” nature of his writing and how the idea for a trilogy came into play. They also discuss his writing style, where, curiously enough, Feiffer sees himself as both instigator and observer to what unfolds under his pen. Over the course of their conversation, Feiffer meditates on his love of noir fiction and films, the challenges he faced in writing this trilogy, and the overriding influences of such legends as Milton Caniff and, especially, Will Eisner. He also discusses the impact of 1950s red scare and the blacklist, which is the temporal setting of The Ghost Script, what that time meant to him as a young writer, and how those politics are not entirely alien to us today. The guys had the pleasure of talking to Feiffer back in 2014 when Kill My Mother was released, so it’s only appropriate that Derek talk with him again upon the completion of his noir trilogy.

Wayne’s Comics Podcast #150 With Bob Layton

Wayne Hall, Wayne’s Comics, Bob Layton, Iron Man, Valiant Comics, Stan Lee, Tony Stark, Marvel , Hollywood, Robert Downey Jr.,

He’s probably best known for his terrific work on Iron Man as well as his involvement with the creation of the Valiant characters, so it’s great to have an interview with Bob Layton for this landmark 150th episode of the Wayne’s Comics Podcast!

We discuss the state of the comics industry as well as what it’s like working out in Hollywood and attending conventions these days! We also talk about how he continues to enjoy taking chances professionally and what he thinks of digital comics versus the print versions! You won’t want to miss what he has to say on these and other related topics!

Next week, Michael Alan Nelson returns to discuss the new series of Hexed from BOOM! Studios! Don’t miss it!


Deconstructing Comics #400: SoCal Comics Conversation

Robert RoachTim Across America, part ten! The finish line of Tim’s trip is Los Angeles, home of our friend Dale Wilson, of BuyIndieComics and DWAP Productions. Dale hooks us up with Robert Roach, comics creator and Hollywood storyboarder. He fills us in on ways that storyboarding is much different from comics, and also talks about the importance of getting the details in your story right — regardless of medium.

Legacy Comics and CardsFor the Southern California edition of Ask a Retailer, a talk with Howard Chen at Legacy Comics and Cards in Glendale. Unlike most of the other Tim Across America retailers, Legacy still has plenty of manga on the shelves. But to what extent are those books flying off the shelves?

Richard, Dale, Griffin, and StephFinally, Tim and Dale are joined by Stephenny Godfrey (“Panorama”, “Two Buses”) and Richard Hamilton (“Return of the Super Pimps”, “Miserable Dastards”) to discuss the L.A. comics community and revisit a topic from the Chicago episode: should you make a comic as a step toward getting your story on film?

Also, don’t miss Griffin the Dog in his podcast debut!

Tim appears on camera, for once.

Tim appears on camera, for once.

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The PKD Black Box-Episode #50: Jetta Meets Billy Ocean & John Cena.

Martheus and Janet Wade are interviewed about their latest Original Graphic Novel, Jetta: Tales of The Toshigawa – Full Circle, then Jon Carroll swings by as he and Shawn discuss the iPad 2 and Race In Comics, and later on Donny Salvo stops by as Shawn tells him about the strangest dream he’s ever had, which then lead to a slew of tangents to later finding out what John Cena and Donny have in common!

This episode has everything you could possibly need! Enjoy.

Two True Freaks! Episode 164 – Podcast Vacation: Part IV


In which Chris and Scott delve deeper into Disney. Hear them talk about the Pirates Of The Caribbean, the World Famous Jungle Cruise ride, and discover Scott’s shocking thoughts on Toy Story 3! Listen in as Scott and Chris talk to a semi-obnoxious family while waiting in line for Big Thunder Mountain, more obnoxious kids get smacked down by their parents at Disney’s Hollywood Studios (Hint: pay attention while Scott and Chris wait to get on the Speeder-Bike!), hear MUPPETS and the STAR WARS giftshop and a metric ton more!!


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Live at Big Apple Comic Con with Actor Doug Jones on Catch Da Craze

Catch Da Craze Episode #125 Actor Doug Jones Live at Big Apple Comic Con

Live from the Big Apple Comic Con Summer Sizzler with Actor Doug Jones. Field reporter Michele St Martin gets an in depth interview with the man behind the mask of the Silver Surfer, and many more…

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CCL Podcast #164 – Barry Levine, President of Radical Publishing

hercc.jpgCollected Comics Library Podcast #164

55,233Kb; 58m 38s
This past weekend I was thinking of doing more interviews for the main feature of the podcast. But, as you know, the CCL is unlike other comic books podcasts, in that, artists and writers are not the main focus of a collected edition – the editors and management are. So Monday morning I sat down to do some work and fan out some e-mails. As it turns out I had an e-mail come to me! It was from a new company called Radical Publishing out of LA. The company is owned and operated by Barry Levine, who is a long time producer and has worked on several movies and soundtracks. Currently he is the Executive Producer of Rex Mundi, starring Johnny Depp. He has now started up Radical and he wants to get the word out about his company and all the exciting projects that are in the works. We also go into a bit of his background and involvement with 30 Days of Night and the exciting news that Radical’s own Hercules has been optioned for a feature film in association with Spyglass Entertainment.

To start off the show, I first talk a bit on Marvel’s May solicitations, shipping and product changes and a very short rundown of the New Releases of the Week.

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