EJDAC Ep. 13: Voodoo-U


Lucky Episode 13! Recorded on 2/15/2015. Erik & James discuss one new book (Thor #5), one from last week (Ant-Man #2), one from two weeks ago (Deadpool #41 that was cut from Episode 11 due to an audio mishap), and the collection of a series from 5 years ago (Doctor Voodoo: Avenger of the Supernatural #1-5). They really get into it about Thor… one loved it, one hated it. You can guess who fell on which side of that debate. Also, Erik breaks up with Savage Dragon, and our heroes cast comic book movies that will never be.

Feed It Comics Presents: “Drunk as Funk w/Doc and Ian”

Docs Diagnosis - DRUNK


Doc joins Ian from the Incompetent Comic Cabal Cast, liquor did floweth, as did a long long long conversation about comic books.

I (Doc) did not even bother editing this, so please keep in mind that this may very well be a disaster. I know for a fact I get really long winded when I’m this toasted. However, like any good disaster, like a train wreck per say, it may demand your attention – it may even succeed in KEEPING your attention until long after the ambulances and other rescue vehicles have come and gone, and statements were given to the police.


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Topics we cover:

  • What Am I Eating?
  • Boos
  • Infinity
  • All Praise Hickman
  • Comics
  • More comics
  • Drinking
  • More Drinking
  • More Comics
  • Where am I?












Music by Doc Fluxx, MF DOOM and Adam Warrock (with the new RWG theme yo!)

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Episode #026: The Fantastic Four & The Council of Noobs
From Alt3red Egos

!!! Recently Un-posted, 4/22/2012 – by X !!!

Can Noob and X manage to cover over 60 years
of comic history and royalty in the form of the Fantastic Four
in under two hours? Whether they can actually pull it off
or not is irrelevant ’cause X is holding the whip.

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Cammy’s Comic Corner – Episode 101 (11/01/09)

Happy Halloween! While Cammy recovers from his Halloween Hangover, Lobster Johnson guest-hosts this episode. Pick of the Week goes to Greg Rucka & J.H. Williams III for Detective Comics #858 (DC). Fast Five picks include Dark Reign – The List: Punisher #1 (Marvel), Green Lantern #47 (DC), Fantastic Four #572 (Marvel), NOVA #30 (Marvel), and Invincible Presents: Atom Eve & Rex Splode #1 (Image).

Eat some candy, kill some Nazis, and read some comics!

Cammy’s Comic Corner – Episode 74 (4/3/09)

Quite the enjoyable week for comics! Pick of the week goes to Jason Aaron and Francesco Francavilla for Scalped #27 (Vertigo). Fast Five picks include Cable #13 (Marvel), Irredeemable #1 (BOOM! Studios), Dark Reign: Fantastic Four #2 (Marvel), Jonah Hex #42 (DC), and Secret Warriors #3 (Marvel).

We have our first winner this week for the Cammy’s Comic Corner Fan Appreciation Contest! If you didn’t win this week, keep trying!!!

Cammy’s Comic Corner – Episode 70.5 (3/7/09)

Another point-five episode?! Has Cammy lost his frickin’ mind?!?  Fast Five picks include Agents Of Atlas #2 (Marvel), Fantastic Four: Dark Reign #1 (Marvel), Secret Six #7 (DC), Sub-Mariner: The Depths #5 (Marvel), and Ultimate Wolverine Vs Hulk #3 (Marvel).

Watchmen review in a few days, but until then I need a nice long nap.  And booze.  And whores.

Cammy’s Comic Corner – Episode 70 (3/6/09)

Another huge week for comics! Will I ever get a break?  From Eric Powell, The Goon #32 (Dark Horse) reigns supreme!  Fast Five picks include War Of Kings #1 (Marvel), No Hero #4 (Avatar), Daredevil #116 (Marvel), Batman: Cacophony #3 (DC), and Secret Warriors #2 (Marvel).

Tune in tomorrow for Episode 70.5, where I’ll be reviewing five more picks I didn’t have time for in this episode!  Happy Birthday Goon!