Comic Tube Episode 50: Rants and Fracks 2

Leroy and Vikkii come back together in this monthly installment of Rants and Fracks to Rant and Frack about things like hatred on the internet, Jumping on the Bandwagon, why people need to be open minded and so forth.

Subjects discussed are; Jennifers Body, a bunch of batman stuff, halloween 2, Dr. Who, Netflix and more. 

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Comic Tube Episode 49: Ghostbusters Retrospective

Leroy and Brad are joined by Shawn Pryor of PKD Media to go over Ghostbusters. The Movies, The Video Games, The Cartoons, and ideas for the third movie coming out next year.

0:00 – Show Opening/HeroesCorner Ad
6:02 – Ghostbusters Spoiler Filled Discussion
1:19:36 – Blooper/Reel
1:27:07 – Next Time on Comic Tube


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Two True Freaks! Episode 67 – Comics Monthly Monday #10


TOO….MUCH… COMICS ……..FOR A HUMAN TO ENDURE! In another crammed-full episode, the Freaks somehow find the time to talk about their usual Walking Dead, Superman Family, and Swamp Thing comics while also fielding letters, crank calls, bad sound effects, and bad jokes. They rejoice/lament nerdom’s seemingly new-found pop culture credibility and ponder whether old-fashioned paper comics are going to get Kindled to death. Also — another heartfelt plea by Scott to check out Jonah Hex! Don’t miss it!

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Comic Tube Episode 38: Terminator Salvation

The Comic Tube Event of the summer comes to an end as Leroy Brad and John go over terminator salvation! Wether you loved or hated the movie THIS is the podcast to listen to.

0:00 – Show Opening/Emails/ Shoutout to HalfHour Wasted, Too Old To Grow Up, Legion of Dudes, The Pullbox and Heroes Corner AD.

13:29 – Terminator Salvation Review

1:16:27 – Too Old To Grow Up Commercial

1:16:57 – Terminator Salvation Call-In Show featuring;

– Shawn

– Ken aka Logan McLoed

– Joey aka Malpractice

– Old Lady

– Raph

2:09:40 -Show Closing



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Comic Timing – Episode 77

Happy Turkey Day! I believe we are one of the few podcasts who will post an episode today, so while you’re basting that bird, or making your stuffing, or doing all the dishes that come from all of the festivities, listen to this episode! It’s another edition of our Review Corner. Ian and Brent review Hellboy: In the Chapel of Moloch from Dark Horse, Captain Britain and MI-13 #6 from Marvel, and Supergirl #34 from DC! Hope everyone has a happy holiday, from us at Comic Timing to you!

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