CCL Podcast #163 – Wanted

wanted.jpgCollected Comics Library Podcast #163
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This week has been full of new and useful tools, for both you and I, here at the website and podcast: a new survey (which I encourage you to fill out), updated and new checklists, Comments are now turned On, a new Home button/link (it’s about time, eh?) and last, but not least, the CCL on Twitter. I’m most proud of the last one. I’ve been real hesitant to add a new social networking tool to my repertoire, but I now realize its full capability. Not only do you get to know what I’m having for dinner each night, but you can now get the latest news on collected editions as soon as it happens. So please join up and put me on your cell phone. And please do Twitter me so I can be a part of your network. Let’s make this the best it can be together.

For the show today I go over the above and a host of new books coming soon from Oni Press, Dark Horse and Marvel. For the feature today, I go into detail about Mark Millar’s Wanted TPB, soon to be a movie starring Morgan Freeman and Angelina Jolie and you can win this copy!. I have to warn you though, the book will be very different from the movie – even if it’s rated R.


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