Wayne’s Comics Podcast #176 With Ed Brisson, Joelle Jones

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It’s a double feature week in Episode 176 of the Wayne’s Comics Podcast, featuring two creators with books that arrived in your local store on Wednesday, May 13!

First up is my interview with Ed Brisson, creator of The Mantle, a great book from Image Comics! We talk about how the series came into being as well as exploring his other creations, including Cluster from BOOM! Studios, Sheltered from Image and his self-published Murder Book, now collected at Dark Horse. Be sure to pick up The Mantle #1 this Wednesday!

Then comes Joelle Jones, co-writer and artist on Dark Horse’s Lady Killer. You can buy the fifth and final issue in this first miniseries this week as well! Joelle has provided artwork for Cullen Bunn’s several Helheim miniseries as well as the Oni Press crime story You Have Killed Me. Don’t miss the concluding issue for Lady Killer this week!


Long Box Review Episode 44: Alpha and Omega

I read some first issues and final issues of some comics, and wanted to share my thoughts about them with you.


  • Age of Ultron #1
  • Ame-Comi Girls #1
  • Helheim #1
  • Sex #1


  • Before Watchmen: Rorschach #4
  • Buffy: Willow: Wonderland #5
  • Superman #17 (H’El on Earth)
  • Swamp Thing/Animal Man #18 (Rotworld)

Finally, I talk a bit about the Green Lantern and Young Justice finales (and end with a brief discussion with a special guest).

Please send your comments to longboxreview@gmail.com, or leave voicemail at 208-953-1841. You can also visit the Feedback page.

Thanks for listening!


Where Monsters Dwell 219 with Cullen Bunn and Nick Bradshaw

This week on the busiest LIVE comics radio show, we welcome Cullen Bunn back into the Monster Cave. Cullen is still hard at work on his ‘The Sixth Gun’ book from Oni Press which has just been optioned as a TV series from NBC. In addition he has picked up the writing reigns to a slew of Marvel books. He joins us to chat about all this as well as the Sixth Gun spin-off and his new series coming in March ‘Helheim’.

Also this week, we talk with superstar Marvel artist Nick Bradshaw about the East Coast Comics Expo which will be happening next May in Moncton, NB (our back yard). Nick may have a few juicy bits of information about the brand new event so tune in!

As always, if you have a question for Cullen Bunn or Nick Bradshaw, feel free to post it on our Facebook wall or give us a call at 506-453-4949.

We’ll also be reviewing some coomics in our ‘Shit Comic Reviewers Say’ segmento. This week we picked up Uncanny Avengers #1 and Evil Ernie #1 from Strange Adventures.