Comic News Insider Episode 402 – Bristol Expo/CamCon Recaps w/ Becky Cloonan, Emma Vieceli, Sonia Leong & Morag Lewis

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Reviews: Fury MAX #1, Mind The Gap #1, Rex Zombie Killer One Shot, Trio #1 

Jimmy is in the UK covering Bristol Expo and Kapow Con for about 12 days! He recorded this episode in Cambridge at lovely host Emma Vieceli’s house along with fellow traveling Yank Becky Cloonan and UK comic creators Sonia Leong and Morag Lewis. It’s a recap of Bristol Expo in Bristol which Jimmy attended and CamCon in Cambridge which Emma, Sonia and Morag attended. You can also read Jimmy’s recap here (and follow his UK adventures on his website). No news but lots of interviews and recap love! Jimmy got tons of great interviews at Bristol. So many that there will be an extra show on Saturday so you can hear them all. In this show, you’ll hear: Adam Cadwell, Marc Ellerby, Gavin Mitchell, PJ Montgomery, Joe Glass, Dani Abram, Jennie Gyllblad, Corey Brotherson, Yomi Ayeni, Harry Markos and Joel Meadows! Phew! Lots of great UK creators to be heard. Jimmy’s heading off to Kapow Con this weekend in London so expect more great interviews and news! As always, listener feedback, the Top 3 and more! Leave your iTunes comments! 5 stars and nothing but love!

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p.s. Apologies for the speed of the episode and fast talking. We were heading out into Cambridge for PIES!

Sidekickcast Presents…Sidekicks on Tour London MCM Expo 2010

Sidekickcast Presents...Sidekicks on Tour London MCM Expo 2010

From the House of Sidekick comes Sidekicks on Tour London MCM Expo 2010. Gavin is joined by Ned on a journey down to that there London where they hit their very first MCM Expo. They go equiped with an open mind, a hip flask full of whiskey and a thirst for the inside scoop. We embrace the full MCM experience intermingling with cosplayers, getting our hands on the atest games, checking out the manga and gatecrashing The Eagle Awards.

We start with a brief analysis of Marvel vs Capcom 3; one of the games at the show available to play followed by a chat with Leo Tan of Capcom. Next up is the first in a trilogy of comic book interviews showcasing the expo from all angles from artist to publisher,first up is Criminal artist Sean Phillips. Next we get a chance to talk to writer and creator of Bulletproof Coffin; David Hine. Rounding out the series we talk to Harry Markos of Markosia Enterprises about the state of the UK comis industry today.

Finally we come to the main event,a conversation with the Godfather of the X-Men; Chris Claremont. The legendary writer takes us on a journey through a momentous career in an ever-changing comic book industry. Fifteen minutes with a legend, you can’t afford to miss this.

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