Comic Timing – Episode 140: The Lost Super Show Tapes

For your listening pleasure, Ian has dug up all the interviews from the 2011 Comic Geek Speak Super Show! These things have been sitting on a hard drive for long enough, and now the voices within will be heard by all, with only a month to go until the next Super Show! Where there will be more interviews! And a caveman! Okay, no caveman. Here is a list of all who appear, in order of appearance:

  • Julian Lytle, Ants and the Ignorant Bliss Podcast
  • Shawn Pryor, Action Lab Entertainment and L.O.I. Studios
  • Harold Jennett, Our Adventure Continues and the Comic Book Laundry podcast
  • Dean Stahl, Headlocks and Headaches
  • Keith W. Cunningham, L.O.I. Studios
  • Zack Kruse, Mystery Solved! and The Quad Podcast
  • Bruce Rosenberger and Steve Hager, Dutchy Digest and the Komicskast and On The Fly Podcasts
  • Dave Williams, Waiting for the Trade Podcast and blog
  • Brandon Christopher, Geekcetera and TheDabbaDon on Twitter
  • John Williams (aka Super Ugly), Monsters Are Just Like Us, The Geek Savants and Unified School District
  • Dave Dwonch, Action Lab Entertainment, including Double Jumpers, NFL: Rush Zone, Ghost Town and Space Time Condominium
  • Shawn and Stephanie Gabborin, Angry Gnome Comics
  • Comfort Love and Adam Withers, Rainbow in the Dark and The Uniques
  • Kevin Vinson, Comic Book Classroom
  • Bruce MacIntosh, Denver Comic Con
  • Katie Cook, Gronk and the My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Comic
  • J.K. Woodward, Star Trek Trek: TNG/Doctor Who Assimilation 2 and JK’s Happy Hour
  • Darrell Taylor, The Taylor Network
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    PKD Black Box #70: Sheltered Moments.

    Shawn interviews artist/creator Harold Jennett as they discuss his “Shelter” comics anthology project, and later on Donny Salvo, Jon Carroll and a slew of others highlight some moments from the first 32 episodes of The PKD Black Box podcast.


    Have a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays. Peace.

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    Comic Timing – Episode 105: CGSSS 2010!

    Playing con catch-up, Comic Timing covers the 2010 CGS Supershow! A whole lot of amazing things went of that weekend, and we cover a bunch of them here, live from the room on Saturday night. CGS Supershow veterans Chad Burdette, that Raph guy of that Geeks Unite shebang, Bill and Steve (realgone), join in with Supershow virgins Leroy of Comic Tube, and Mike Yanni (him and Chad now do These Nerds Are Right), as we discuss the weekend as a whole.

    Interspersed throughout are interviews with amazing people such as Andy Jewett, Michael Schwartz, Dave Wachter of Guns of Shadow Valley (Eisner Nomiated!), Bruce Rosenberger and Steve Hager of Dutchy Digest, Darrel and Simba of Dafixer’s Hideout, Jamal Igle of Supergirl, Julian Lytle of Ants, Shawn Pryor of PKD Media, Jason Grice of Lanterncast and PKD Media, Kevin Freeman of SubCulture, Chad Cicconi of Baby Boomers and Mercury and the Murd, Katie Cook of Fraggle Rock and of various Star Wars stuffs, the amazing Harold Jennett of M.I.M.E.S. and the Geek Syndicate Comic, Danielle Corsetto of Girls With Slingshots, and Andrew Charipar, to name a few (or all of them). So check it out, and stay tuned for MoCCA and C2E2 interviews and reactions to come!

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    THOR #611

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    Comic Timing – Episode 72: CGS Supershow 08

    Here we go, folks! Live from the Days Inn and from the Reading Convention Center, it is Comic Timing! This is an extensive wrap-up of all things Supershow, where we are joined by Chad Burdette alias Unknown Fanboy, Bill English alias…Bill of Sounded Good On Paper, Raph Soohoo alias Wraithmaker, Mike Imboden of Fist of Justice, Shawn Pryor of PKD Media, Steve Katz of Read/Rant alias RealGone, Just Bill of Just Bill’s Comic Drawerbox, Shawn and Stephanie Gabborin of Angry Gnome Comics, Harold Jennett and Wayne Codova of M.I.M.E.S. and Radio Wayne, Jamal Igle of Supergirl, artist and creator Katie Cook, David Peterson of Mouse Guard, Dave of Waiting For The Trade, Lin Workman of Bushi Tales, Zach Kruse of The Contingent and probably one or two others I have failed to mention. Mega episode worth every second, so make sure to listen and enjoy!

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