Comic News Insider Episode 830 – Flea Flicking CNI!

Comic News Insider: Episode 830 is now available for free download! Click on the link or get it through iTunes! Sponsored by Dynamic Forces.

Reviews: Motherlands #1, Silencer #1, Star Wars Adventures: Forces of Destiny: Rose & Paige #5, Star Wars Adventures #6, Happy! season 1 finale, Cloverfield: Paradox 

Jon Hoche returns to co-host! They talk about some of the genre trailers shown during the Super Bowl, the Nerdist podcast name change and Jimmy thinks Jon is Henry Cavill’s double. News includes: Brian Michael Bendis will be writing 2 Superman titles for DC, Amazon is developing a new Conan series, a Mario Kart game is coming to smart phones and more! Leave your iTunes comments! 5 stars and nothing but love! Also, get a hold of us!



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On Location: Starting off the New Year at Heroes Aren’t Hard to Find

New Shop, New Conversations

For years The Comics Alternative has held a monthly on-location episode where one or two cohosts go into — physically or virtually — one of their local comics shops and talk with customers and employees about the comics that their reading, what they’re excited about and looking forward to, and what grumblings they may have in terms of comics culture. The last such episode was published last August, right before Derek moved to Charlotte, NC…and as things would turn out, in the final days of Valhalla Games and Comics.

But now that Derek has settled in his new environs, he heads over to Heroes Aren’t Hard to Find, his new local shop in Charlotte (at 417 Pecan Avenue), to begin once again the monthly series. So January’s show kicks things off, with Derek introducing customers and shop employees to the podcast and beginning what, we hope, will be a fun and informative monthly visit. Snowy weather hit Charlotte this week, so the ice and cold cut down on traffic in the shop over the past couple of days. But several did come in and take the time to talk on show, sharing what titles they’re currently reading and what they’re finding exciting, and frustrating, in comics and comics-related media. For example, Isaiah, coming in for his weekly comics, shares his thoughts on recent DC Rebirth storylines and the shenanigans he sees going on at Marvel. Shop employees, Karla and Eli, talk about the some of the comics that are currently or soon-to-be adapted for television — and Eli is particularly interested in the upcoming series based on Rick Remender’s Deadly Class. And shop owner Shelton Drum comes on to discuss their recent move to a new location, next week’s Charlotte Mini-Con (taking place on Saturday, Jan. 27, at the Gary Cole Center), and when we can expect to hear announcements about this summer’s HeroesCon.

A big THANK YOU to Karla and Shelton for helping to make this on-location show happen. And if you’re in the Charlotte area, be sure to come by the shop on Wednesday, February 21, for next month’s on-location recording!

Comics Alternative Interviews: Josh Simmons

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The second volume of Josh Simmons’s Jessica Farm was released recently from Fantagraphics, and now the artist takes the time to talk with Derek for another Comics Alternative interview. In the conversation, Josh shares his ideas behind Jessica Farm and the long, involved process of its creation. Beginning in January 2000, he began drawing one page a month with plans for publishing a collection of his efforts every eight years, and then doing all of this over a fifty-year span. What’s more, he plans to reissue the previous volumes of Jessica Farm each time he publishes a current volume. For example, the first installment of Jessica Farm was published in 2008, but Fantagraphic re-released that book, and in a new edition, along with this year’s Jessica Farm, Vol. 2 so that the design of the two books matched. Josh explains that he wants to do this about every eight years so as to offer new editions that will reflect current design and publication practices. As a result, this long and evolving narrative is not just a curious and episodic fantasy tale, but also an exercise in creative process that underscores the materiality of his project.

But the conversation isn’t just limited to Josh’s current work. The guys spend a lot of time talking about last year’s Black River, his 2007 graphic novel House, his early Top Shelf series Happy, and especially his provocative collection The Furry Trap. In fact, Derek spends much of the interview asking Josh about the stories in the latter, most of which have an edge and intensity not found in the longer-form comics. This leads to a conversation on Josh’s different styles of storytelling, short-story versus long-form, and the kind of reactions he’s received on some of his more explicit work. Along the way, Derek educates Josh on Doctor Who, and Josh introduces Derek to a variety of foreign films. A smart and educational conversation all the way ’round!

Visit Josh’s Tumblr site to learn more about his weird world.


The various forms in which Jessica Farm has been published…so far.


Image Addiction – Episode 74

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Show Notes

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This episode DeWayne, Joe, and Chris cover a bunch of books (Revival #1, Dancer #5, Mind the Gap #5, Debris #3, Happy #1, and The Darkness #106) as well as diving into Top Cow’s talent hunt.


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Comic News Insider Episode 388 – Watching with Lorraine Cink!

Comic News Insider: Episode 388 is now available for free download! Click on the link or get it through iTunes! Sponsored by Dynamic Forces.

Reviews: Conan The Barbarian Vol 3 #1, Mondo #1, No Place Like Home #1

Jimmy is joined in studio by Marvel’s The Watcher host (and good pal) Lorraine Cink! They discuss her show, the Oscars, UK’s Being Human, JK Rowling’s new book, and Justice League: Doom. News includes: Lots from Image Expo like Brian Wood/Ming Doyle’s MaraPhonogramreturns, The Walking Dead gets their Governor, Moriarity the musical, Happy!, Bedlam, and Jonathan Hickman’s The Manhattan Projects and Secret. Other news: Morgan Spurlock’s Comic-Con Documentary is finally coming, Valiant debuts a talking comic book cover, Alan Ball is leaving True Blood, and a rare comic book collection sells for $3.5 million. Massive apologies for the LOUD pipe banging at the end of the episode. NYC buildings just love doing that at times. As always, listener feedback, the Top 3 and more! Leave your iTunes comments! 5 stars and nothing but love!

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