Just Another Fanboy Bonus – Come Get Some: Proof #10

Here we go with another bonus episode.
This week we go back to some time in 2008 and play Episode 74 of the original run of Just Another Fanboy.
In this episode I talk about a dream I had about joining the Army with the Half Hour Wasted guys, Brad and Frank. I also talk a bit about reading The Bourne Identity before I get into the big bunch of comics like Secret War, Ambush Bug: Year None #1, Daredevil #110, and Proof #10.
What I don’t talk about is the Princess Bride, despite the opening, which I must have put in there back then simply because I thought it was cool.
Many of the websites and phone numbers from this episode no longer exist. Especially the voicemail. Which was the only phone number, so I’m not sure why I used the plural.
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Comic Book Pitt #97 – The Dietz abides…

Fellow Pittsburgh podcaster and Legion of Dudes host, Jim Dietz, joins Dan this week to talk about Marvel NOW!, Hawkeye #1, Animal Man #12, Swamp Thing #12, iZombie #28 and more.

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Too Old to Grow Up!- Epsiode 25 – The CGS Super Show Pre-Show Show

They call themselved The Speakers of Geek and they host Comic Geek Speak and are producing the Comic Geek Speak Super Show 2008.  More than a convention, the Super Show is a gathering of the community of comic artists, writers and fans in a venue unlike any others.  Ken and Art talk about our expectations going, who’s going to be there, and why it’s going to be the best con of the year. 

TOtGU Logo

Comic Timing – Episode 70

For Episode 70, we are joined by Frank and Brad of Half Hour Wasted to discuss Comic Book Collecting! Do you bag and board? What about the CGC? How long do you let comics accumulate? Do you leave comics at a random Starbucks? Well, listen to find out what we do!

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