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An Artist’s Dilemma

On this week’s Kickstarter episode, Derek talks with Bruno Oliveira about his project What Now, Bruno? This is an autobiographical work exploring what can happen to a comics artist once he’s established himself in the industry. Bruno has broken into the field, illustrating for such publishers as IDW (Drones), Arcana (Space, MN), and, most recently, Marvel Comics (Amazing Spider-Man Annual, Gwenpool Holiday Special, and Mosaic, among other titles). But now that he’s on his way, how does he manage his work and juggle the necessities in life? What Now, Bruno? is a humorous exploration of that dilemma.

This Kickstarter will end on December 7, so be sure to visit Bruno’s page, see what it’s all about, and back his campaign!

As an extra added bonus, if you discover What Now, Bruno? through this Comics Alternative episode, then contact Bruno directly and tell him that you found out about the project through the podcast. If you do, and you back him at a level that includes a physical comic, Bruno will include an exclusive print in your order!

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MwaP Annual 2016: Killer kcid!

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In this episode we review Marvel Comics’ Deadpool books of December 2015 with annual guest host Wendi Freeman (Double Page Spread Podcast).

0:02:30 News
0:20:57 Hell House Fax
0:45:30 Deadpool & Cable: Split Second #4
0:51:16 Deadpool & Cable: Split Second #5
0:56:12 Howard the Duck (2015.2) #2
1:03:49 Gwenpool Holiday Special
1:11:03 Howard the Duck (2015.2) #3
1:17:00 Deadpool (2015) #3
1:24:23 Deadpool (2015) #3.1
1:30:28 Deadpool (2015) #4
1:37:00 Uncanny Avengers (2015.2) #3
1:43:10 Deadpool (1997) #52
1:49:05 Year End Awards
Booty by the Bay
2:08:05 X-Men Origins: Wolverine

Music by Jenki “Girls of Los Angeles”


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