Grawlix Bytes #8: Dive into the DC with Robert Cast

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This episode Randy is joined by guest Robert Cast of the Roman Pod and Cast show. It’s all DC, all the time as the two discuss their thoughts on the DC Rebirth titles thus far as well as the DC CW television shows. Robert walks us through a whole host of titles, Randy gets hung up on Superman and they both struggle with the conflicts of shared universe characters. Enjoy!

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Comic Frontline Live #104: Hug a Squishy Muffin!

The Comic Frontline crew returns with a special guest… our 3,000 subscriber contest winner, Tevya!

Tevya joins for the news portion before the remaining cast talks Top 5, worst pick and other comics!

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Grawlix Nights #5: Musings Of A Shibe

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On this episode The Grawlix Podcast is joined by special guest Hiroja Shibe, host of the Musings Of A Shibe Podcast!  We talk Daredevil on Netflix, the CW’s Arrow and The Flash, The Walking Dead, the Game of Thrones leak, and more television.  The discussion is free flowing and conversational moving from comics and television to social media and horror movies! It is a massively packed episode and a great conversation. Enjoy!

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