Completely Off The Cuff

On this episode we visit the veranda again and simply just talk comics. Enjoy the show, several cars even make guest appearances!

On the show we talk about:

Flashpoint Number 2 and 3

Excitement about Flashpoint

Flashpoint vs. Fear Itself

The Green Lantern Movie

The GL movie vs. Other summer comic book movies

The Captain America Movie

Our upcoming appearance at the Derby City Comic Con

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Will coins the term “Digital Age of Comics”


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Daniel Corey on Image Comics’s MORIARTY

A new episode of Panel Discussions is live at Comic Related.

Moriarty #1 coverThis week Russ talks with Daniel Corey, writer of Image Comics’ Moriarty. It’s a fantastic read that deftly blends elements of spy fiction, science fiction and the Victorian fiction from which its central character, Professor James Moriarty, was born. It’s also part of what Russ sees as a renaissance at Image Comics, led by the recent successes of Robert Kirkman, wherein a number of the best books in the business are being produced by the publisher at the same time DC’s relauch and Marvel’s killing any character who isn’t nailed down have them dominating the news.

On the flip side of the interview, Russ talks a bit about recent theatrical and home video releases, including Warner’s outstanding Superman Blu-Ray boxset and the disappointing box office performance of Green Lantern.

This week’s music features Peg O’ My Heart by The Dropkick Murphys with special guest Bruce Springsteen. An inspired take on the traditional Irish folk song, this one may hang around for a bit as our intro music. It’s available on the Dropkick Murphys’ new record, “Going Out in Style,” from SideOneDummy Records. After that, though, the remaining songs are from the Zero Effect soundtrack. The film, referenced briefly during the interview with Corey, features Russ’s personal favorite reinterpretation of Holmes and Watson, as Bill Pullman and Ben Stiller star in a loose, modern day retelling of “A Scandal in Bohemia,” with Ryan O’Neal (TV’s Bones) and Kim Dickens (The Blind Side) in supporting roles.

Links of Interest:

Daniel Corey’s Moriarty site

Image Comics

Savage Dragon’s website

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Completely Green Lantern!

On this special episode of Completely Comics Troy interviews our own Green Lantern expert, Will. Find out the history of the Corps (which started eons and eons ago) and learn about Hal Jordan’s strongest power. Listen and you will hear why Troy thinks this is one of the best episodes so far!

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The Next Issue 47: Dark Knights, Turkey, Hypocracy and Deathly Hallows

The Next Issue Podcast

In this issue the guys talk about what’s coming to the small screen. Holy boob tube a live Action Batman Show? Young Justice TV trailer drops. The Cape is coming to NBC.
And some Wolverine Movie News…yikes
In what’s Tangling the webs the guys dissect the Green Lantern Trailer and Karl Urban in Judge Dredd Costume. In 1st Impressions Kev and Aitch review Call of Duty: Black Ops, Assassins Creed: Brotherhood, Skyline, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows. In Comics reviews the guys discuss the new Batman Inc. books, Ghostbusters 2004 graphic novels and Squadron Supreme. Lastly they talk about Black Friday and how to survive it.  heh

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F BombCast 43: Yank Dave’s Doodle

FBC Shirt3With the fearless leader unable to participate due to a dead hard drive, an old co-host steps up to the plate and hits it out of the park. TJ is rather unhappy to have missed this one though as cocks were talked about in the first twelve minutes. It’s time to talk about current reads and you will not be disappointed as The Nobody and Bone are discussed. Transformers, Green Lantern, and Thor movie news is in there somewhere and lastly we Jam pack this monster of a show with an awesome Dune discussion.

Comics on Comics #12: Marc Guggenheim &!

Comics on Comics is proud to be the latest member of The Comics Podcast Network!

For those of you who may be unfamiliar with us, Comics on Comics is a live show/video podcast recorded in Los Angeles, where we bring professional stand-up comedians and comic book creators together for a round-table discussion of the latest comic book news. Basically, it’s like Politically Incorrect for comics.

Worlds collide in our twelfth episode, as Comics on Comics teams up with the crew of to wrap up our unforgettable first season!

Host Juan-Manuel Rocha welcomes screenwriter & superstar comic scribe Marc Guggenheim (Amazing Spider-Man, Young X-Men, Eli Stone), Jackie Kashian (Last Comic Standing, The Dork Forest), Chris Mancini (Myopic Visions) and Mike Schmidt (The 40 Year Old Boy) for another round of comics and comedy, filmed at Dream World Comics in Culver City, CA and sponsored by Pirate King!

This week, our panel examines the merits of the upcoming $3.99 increase for monthly comics, delves into Stan Lee’s TV adaptation of novelist Perry Moore’s Hero, Brett Ratner’s Conan film, the relocation of the X-men to San Francisco and wages the ultimate debate: Married Spider-Man vs. Single Spidey! Additionally, Guggenheim gives us a glimpse of his future projects, including the upcoming Green Lantern feature film …

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