Feed It Comics #20 | “The Deadly Foes of Supermen”

ep-20 Feed It Comics

Episode 20! Can you believe it folks? What do we got for you this time, you ask? Well Professor Ryefleur and Doc Fluxx are gonna chew that fat about this and that! You dig?

We talk Gal Godot, and other DC movie and television tomfoolery. We talk A Smidge about how Bryan Singer plans to ruin X-Men as long as possible. We talk about promotions within the ranks here at the ritual chamber. We talk comics, comics, and more comics.

Join us, for we are the Masterpiece Theater of comic book podcasting, and if you don’t listen, you’re basically saying “Hey, I have zero culture and my head is three feet up my posterior!”

Thanks for listening!

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Topics we cover:

  • Gal Ga-who-now?
  • Green Arrow / The Flash / etc.
  • More news
  • East of West #5
  • Alex & Ada #2
  • The Wake #5
  • Trillium #4
  • Unity #2
  • Manifest Destiny #2
  • aaaand more!

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