Wayne’s Comics Podcast #237 with Dan Dougherty from ‘Touching Evil’ and ‘Beardo’

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Episode #237 features my great interview with comics creator Dan Dougherty, the maker of such great books as Touching Evil, Volume One: The Curse Escapes, Bob Howard: Plumber of the Unknown, and a series of funny and touching comics strips called Beardo (so named because Dan himself sports a beard, something I can relate to). First, we discuss his excellent horror story, which focuses on a female attorney and single mother who inherits a curse that will change her life forever. We discuss how Dan conceived of this story, how human the various characters are, and how he has deftly weaved only the first chapter in this three-volume tale. Then we move to Beardo and talk about how this autobiographical strip made me laugh and cry as we move through the recent stages of his life. We talk about upcoming projects as well, but to get his books, you can go to the store at his website at this link. Highly recommended, one and all!