Comics Alternative Podcast Episode 80.1: Our April Visit to Collected Comics

Freddy, the Recommender


Derek is back at his local shop, Collected Comics in Plano, TX, to discuss comics with the folks who frequent their aisles. Joining him this month are the assistant store manager, Freddy Ruiz, and loyal Collected customer and good friend of the shop, Laura Rogers. Together they cover a variety of topics and titles — from Garth Ennis’s violence to Brian K. Vaughn’s imagination, from individual buying habits to customer trends, from Star Wars to Big Trouble in Little China — and have a fun time doing so. They’re even joined by store employee Sabrina Smith, who is usually gun-shy when it comes to a podcasting microphone. She shares her experience with various disturbing comics, including the upcoming Itty Bitty Bunnies In Rainbow Pixie Candy Land. So sit back, get out your comic-book wish list, and join everyone at Collected in their audio romp through current comics-dom.

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Comics Alternative Podcast Episode 71.1: Our January Visit to Collected Comics

“A punch to Batman’s nads”

It’s a new year and a new visit to Collected Comics in Plano, TX! This month Derek swings by the shop to talk with Collected’s co-owner, Brent Erwin, and his store employees Shea Hennum and Freddy Ruiz. It’s a general comics talk, with the topics varying wildly. And things get weird at times. They begin by discussing the recent renovations of the shop’s interior, and that eventually leads to a conversation on future plans and Free Comic Book Day. After that, all bets are off. Freddy talks about graphic violence and steampunk overload, Shea focuses on gay porn comics and Batman’s nads, Derek gripes about the Disney corporation and Marvel’s money-grabbing gimmicks, and Brent voices his wariness of IDW, his recipe for superhero continuity, and his love of sugary breakfast cereals. Everyone has a fun time…and now you too can enjoy the nougaty goodness of their conversation!

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Comics Alternative Podcast Episode 62.1: Talking Comics at Collected Comics

Things and Stuff


The Comics Alternative is back for its monthly on-location show at Collected Comics in Plano. Joining Derek on this episode is Collected employee and good friend of the show, Shea Hennum. This month there is no particular theme or specific topic of discussion, so the guys engage in general comics talk. Shea and Derek discuss the things that they’re reading, the titles that have been released over the past couple of weeks, and what to look forward to in the months to come. Shea is particularly excited about recent releases, and he waxes over the many titles that now make up his “to read” list. As always, it’s a fun time talking at Collected Comics in Plano, so come listen to the episode and experience the joy.

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