He’s Got Issues #176: New Comics, 5/27/15

First Five:
1) Invincible #120
2) All-New Hawkeye #3
3) Secret Wars 2099 #1 (Of 5)
4) Convergence #8 (Of 8)
5) Iron Fist The Living Weapon #12

Top Ten:
6) Nova #31
7) Inferno #1
8) Infinity Gauntlet #1
9) Secret Wars Journal #1 (Of 5)
10) Old Man Logan #1

Best of the Rest:

  • Convergence Action Comics #2 (Of 2)
  • Convergence Blue Beetle #2 (Of 2)
  • Convergence Booster Gold #2 (Of 2)
  • Convergence Crime Syndicate #2 (Of 2)
  • Convergence Detective Comics #2 (Of 2)
  • Convergence Infinity Inc #2 (Of 2)
  • Convergence Justice Society Of America #2 (Of 2)
  • Convergence Plastic Man And The Freedom Fighters #2 (Of 2)
  • Convergence Shazam #2 (Of 2)
  • Convergence World’s Finest Comics #2 (Of 2)
  • Effigy #5


  • Black Widow #18
  • Inhumans Attilan Rising #1
  • M.O.D.O.K. Assassin #1 (Of 5)
  • S.H.I.E.L.D. #6
  • Uncanny Avengers Ultron Forever #1


  • Fight Club 2 #1


  • They’re Not Like Us #6


  • Divinity #4 (Of 4)
  • Ivar Timewalker #5


  • Batgirl Volume 5 Deadline TP
  • Nightcrawler Volume 2 Reborn TP

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F BombCast 105: Khunds and ‘Staches

To surprise all of you looking at the comic podcast network, We actually start the show talking about comics. Fraction’s Thor and Glass’s Thor are discussed as is Neil Diamond, as he should always be. X Men and Vampires are like Peanut Butter and Chocolate, and Fool me once shame on you Fool me seven times Same on me, Try it one last time, and you get Gold, IN his eighth attempt to try something by Rick Remender, Kevin is in love with Uncanny X-Force. The Khunds are coming, The Khunds are coming, Better get your tampons and pads ready. REBELS is talked about as is the New Freedom Fighters. and SLGs Royal Historian of OZ is talked about. Then the Horror, oh the Horror. Is Nightmare the Elm Street a slasher? We say no. Two quick insta fives are completed with best and Worst Horror Sequels.

Due to libsyn problems it is not on iTunes as of me typing that, but it is here and on http://www.fbombcast.com

Comic Book Pitt #53 – 5 Licks

cbp 53

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Our good friend and mega-fan, Dicky Walters, stopped by for some comic book talk.


The first Pittsburgh Indy Comics Expo is happening October 16-17. Find more details at http://www.pixcomics.org/

Check out Explorers of the Unknown from local creators Shawn Atkins and Seth Fronzoli.


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Back To The Bins! #26


Join Scott H. Gardner and a SURPRISE MYSTERY GUEST as they travel ‘Back to the Bins’ to re-discover and re-connect with that unique brand of fun and excitement that can only truly be found in good ol’ fashioned random Comic Book back issues!!

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