Comics Alternative Interviews: More Mike Howlett

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The Ophidiomaniac


Time Codes:

  • 00:24 – Introduction
  • 02:28 – Setup of interview
  • 04:50 – Interview with Mike Howlett
  • 56:56 – Wrap up
  • 57:52 – Contact us


Halloween is just around the corner, and what could be scarier than a nest of snakes? Although to hear Mike Howlett tell it, there’s nothing at all frightening about the legless reptiles. This was part of the impetus behind Snake Tales, the latest volume in Yoe Books’ Chilling Archives of Horror Comics series. In it, Mike curates some of the weirdest, the most ridiculous, and the most ophidiophobia-inducing snake-related tales found in pre-code comics. Derek talks with Mike about the genesis of this project, his love of snakes, his collaboration with noted herpetologist Frank T. Burbrink, and his ongoing work with Craig Yoe and Clizia Gussoni in their never-ending quest to bring pre-code horror sensibilities to the heartland of America.