Comic Timing – Episode 129: The Best And Worst of 2011

Now that 2011 has come and gone, it’s time for Comic Timing’s annual best and worst of 2011 episode! Ian and Brent are joined by Brandon Christopher (TheDabbaDon) and Chad Burdette (caburdet78) as we ramble off everything that 2011 did for us as readers of comics and watchers of comic movies. We also ramble and meander, as always when it’s this particular grouping of individuals on a call. The questions asked to all participants on the call were as follows:

1) If you would have told me in 2010 I’d be reading ________ in 2011, I would have called you a liar.
2) My life is better since I dropped ___________.
3) Of all the NuDCU titles, _________ blew me away. It’s a shame ________ couldn’t have been this good.
4) Thank you 2011 for giving me _______. Best new title around, period.
5) When they canceled __________, I was incredibly annoyed. When they canceled ___________, I danced for joy.
6) The team of __________ and __________ were the writer/artist team of 2011 bar none.
7) __________ was a miniseries/maxiseries that told a complete story even though it only had a few issues to do it with.
8 ) Some of the prettiest pages of 2011 came from ____________’s pencils.
9) The cover to _____________ got me to buy the book.
10) The collected edition for ___________ was completely worth the price.
11) I had such high hopes for _________ until I actually sat down and read it.
12) Best writer of 2011? Had to be ________.
13) Although there weren’t many crossovers or events in 2011, ___________ was the hit of the year.
14) If I had to choose a publisher of the year, the honor goes to ____________.
15) When I read the news about ___________, 2011 changed for me.
16) Man, _________ was a story arc that completely delivered on its promises.
17) Out of all the creators out there, you could say that ___________ had the best year.
18) _____________ was the character of 2012. Who knew?
19) Going into 2012, I am looking forward to _____________ the most out of Marvel.
20) DC’s ________ has me juiced for 2012!

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Cammy’s Comic Corner – Episode 184 (10/2/11)


Rockin’ the rock, and walkin’ the walk! Pick Of The Week goes to Justin Gray, Jimmy Palmiotti and Moritat for All-Star Western #1 (DC)! Fast Five picks include The Savage Hawkman #1 (DC), Aquaman #1 (DC), Captain America & Bucky #622 (Marvel), Justice League: Dark #1 (DC), and The Flash #1 (DC). Spoilers!

Randumb Idiocy: A SDCC recap conversation with James Ninness, Francis Manapul and Joel Gomez


A special double episode featuring Jamess Ninness, Francis Manapul & Joel Gomez recapping there experience at SDCC as well as another random conversation with Joe Caramagna

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Cammy’s Comic Corner – Episode 146 (11/21/10)

Holy cow DC dominated this week in comics! Pick Of The Week goes to Grant Morrison & Yanick Paquette for Batman Inc. #1 (DC). Fast Five picks include The Flash #6 (DC), Green Lantern #59 (DC), Hellboy: Double Feature of Evil (Dark Horse), Green Lantern Corps #54 (DC), and Superman/Batman #78 (DC).

Catwoman and tentacle porn? Did God remember my birthday??

The Fourth Wall Comics Podcast Episode 104

In which Jesse and Freddie celebrate a return to form from Ed Brubaker

and Art wonders why we’re not discussing The Walking Dead.

The FOURTH WALL FIVE for this week are:

  • [01:41] Secret Avengers #5
  • [08:12] Thor #615
  • [17:15] The Flash #5
  • [25:30] Treehouse of Horror #16
  • [31:24] Nemesis #3 (OF 4)

Cammy’s Comic Corner – Episode 141 (9/26/10)

I’m back in the hosting seat this episode! Pick Of The Week goes to Geoff Johns & Francis Manapul for The Flash #5 (DC). Fast Five picks include Hulk #25 (Marvel), Fables #98 (Vertigo), Green Lantern Corps #52 (DC), Nemesis #3 (Icon), and Secret Avengers #5 (Marvel).

Yes, it’s a little longer than usual, but that just means you get even more of my ugly-mug!

Teenage Wasteland Episode 80 – The Flash, The Unwritten, Batman and More

This time on Teenage Wasteland…

A traditional episode. Four comic books with four reviews.

Books Mentioned
Batman: The Widening Gyre #1
The Executor
The Flash #4
The Unwritten #15

The Fourth Wall Comics Podcast Episode 97

After surviving Comic Con, Jesse, Art, and Freddie gush over American Vampire, argue about Wonder Woman, and have a blast ridiculing Batman: The Widening Gyre.


Intro [0:00:19]


[01:13] American Vampire #5
[08:52] Northlanders #30
[13:40] Hotwire: Deep Cuts #1 (of 4)
[18:31] Time Bomb #1
[20:32] Abe Sapien: Abyssal Plain #2
[24:17] Yours Truly Jack The Ripper #2
[28:02] Pilot Season: Stellar


[32:16] Punisher: Max #9
[36:41] Wolverine: Weapon X #15
[39:29] Uncanny X-Men #526
[44:54] Secret Avengers #3
[49:40] Thor #612
[52:23] Thor: The Mighty Avenger 1&2
[55:58] Roundtable Discussion: Thor SDCC ’10 Trailer
[59:02] Batman: Return of Bruce Wayne #4 (OF 6)
[1:03:15] Flash #4
[1:05:56] Wonder Woman #601
[1:16:44] Batman:Widening Gyre #6 (of 6)

Outro [1:28:19]

The Fourth Wall Comics Podcast Episode 94

In which 3 dudes kick back and talk about comics, video games, and teabagging. Enjoy.

Show Notes:

[01:03] The Flash #3
[09:14] Jokers Asylum: Clayface #1
[17:01] Batman Beyond #1
[23:24] Wonder Woman #600
[33:52] Astonishing X-Men #34
[38:06] Thor #611
[41:03] Secret Avengers #2

[49:02] Abe Sapien: Abyssal Plain #1
[53:19] Yours Truly, Jack The Ripper #1
[58:49] Powers v3 #5
[1:01:58] Invincible #73
[1:05:57] The Last Zombie #1

Cammys Comic Corner Episode 126 (5/16/10)

Gigantic week for comics! Pick Of The Week goes to Joshua Luna & Jonathan Luna for The Sword #24 (Image). Fast Five picks include Siege #4 (Marvel), The Flash #2 (DC), New Avengers: Finale (Marvel), Daytripper #6 (Vertigo), and PunisherMAX #7 (MAX).

With Siege over with, now onwards to the MILLIONS of upcoming Avengers titles!

Cammy’s Comic Corner – Episode 122 (4/18/10)

Quite the gigantic week of comics! The Pick Of The Week goes to Geoff Johns & Francis Manapul for The Flash #1 (DC). Fast Five picks include Siege: Loki #1 (Marvel), Fables #94 (Vertigo), Black Widow #1 (Marvel), Brightest Day #0 (DC), and PunisherMAX #6 (MAX).

I was pretty exhausted after all that reading!

Cammy’s Comic Corner – Episode 110 (1/17/10)

I live! Pick of the Week goes to Geoff Johns and Francis Manapul for Adventure Comics #6 (DC). Fast Five picks include Conan: The Weight of the Crown #1 (Dark Horse), Amazing Spider-Man #617 (Marvel), Absolution #6 (Avatar), PunisherMAX #3 (MAX), and The Anchor #4 (BOOM! Studios).

And yes, I realize that I do eat crow in the closing remarks.