F BombCast 76: You are the Ball Lickers

When Mike’s away, the monkey will play. This episode starts light gets a little heavy but then we get into the meat of episode and talk comics like they are going out of style. Flash Rebirth is the topic at hand and find out who liked it and who gave it a resounding Meh. Then the focus turns to Uppity artist and those that can make their own schedules. We go in depth with the Wordballoon interview with Ethan Van Sciver. Other comics discussed are GI Joe Hiss 1, Spawn 196, Hellblazer: Pandemonium, Wolverine Weapon X 11, and the last two Detective Comics issues.

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F BombCast 39: Are We Clowns?

fbc-shirt32In the 39th Chromium cover variant edition of the F BombCast, The boys talk about Madagascar the Movie not the fantastic african Island nation that produces great vanilla. We learn the TJ’s father-in-law is a huge douchebag.  Mucho Comics are discussed such as Barry Ween, Annihilation, Point Blank  and we take an in depth look at funny scenes in Movies, Well at least five of them. 


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The Batman Obviously… Podcast, Episode #9

In this episode, the guys take an Easter-inspired superhero quiz.  Mark shares how he would prepare to audition for Spider-Man on Broadway.  Eight comics are reviewed in eight minutes, including Days of Future Past, which Nick just now read.  All that, and Jason’s there, too.

Show Notes:   2:00 Daredevil: Noir #1…   2:51 Scalped #27…   4:00 The Boys #29…   5:15 Flash Rebirth #1…   6:28 Uncanny X-Men #141 (yes, Days of Future Past Part One)…   7:50 Locke & Key: Head Games #4…   8:57 Uncanny X-Men #142…   10:03 Irredeemable #1…   11:42 The Happy Easter Resurrection-themed Superhero Who Am I Quiz…  21:04 Casting call for Spider-Man: Turn Off The Dark…  33:33 Umbrella Academy: Apocalypse Suite…  38:06 What makes a hero irredeemable?…