ComicsVerse Podcast Episode 30: Comic Book Space Operas (part 2) INFINITY GAUNTLET and FINAL CRISIS

ComicsVerse delves into Comic Book Space Operas in part two of four of our series.  In this episode. INFINITY GAUNTLET and FINAL CRISIS are discussed.

Podcast hosts and panelists include: Justin Alba, Anatole Ashraf, Derek Yang, Josh Cui, Travis Czap, and Max Simone.

Backroom Comics Podcast Episode 140 – Continuity Issues

The Backroom team take a look back at the long complicated continuity history of the DCU and consider the problems in keeping it consistent.

Questions? Comments? Stop by The Backroom website.

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F BombCast 92: Holy Time Delay, Batman

Episode 92
Lets talk some Comics to start off, WHAT, WHO, WHAT, YEAH!!!!!! Morrison is discussed in earnest as Batman 701 draws Kevin’s ire for its timing to which TJ calls him a pompous windbag who purposely uses big words in order to confuse you our loyal listeners. Somehow we get to comparing him to Picard and Kirk and Kirk’s ability to make a robot Cum. Getting back on track, Doom Patrol is also Discussed. Trying to Draw Mike into the conversation TJ Turns to Marvel and starts a conversation on what could possibly be the one marvel Comic that Mike doesn’t read. Other comics discussed are Terry Moore’s Echo, X Men 1, Mighty Avengers and Avengers Academy, Thor: The Greatest Avenger. Then the bridge between segments is Monkey. And what a bridge that is, As he tries to resurrect an old segment: the INSTA FIVE!!! Lastly we discuss Movies, The Gay movie icon in Six Degrees of Separation, that leads to a beautiful discussion on what a Gay movie really is, and the Award Winning classic that is Alien Vs. Predator. Enjoy!

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F BombCast 80: Blackest Nothing

Well kevin is away so you know what that means, Lots of Comic Talk, Wha, HUH?!?! yep the boys surprise everyone with a deep dark discussion of Blackest Night 8, but you have to wait till the end there to get your fix. Luckily for you the journey to the end is just as glorious as the end itself. We talk Movies (Sherlock Holmes, Ninja, Star Trek: Insurrection), we talk Children’s Shows (Yo Gabba Gabba, and TMNT the movie), and we talk bodily fluids, Well just boogers this time but damnit it still counts. TJ recounts the sad tail of being too fat to ride a rollercoaster, and the trick that amusements parks play on fat people. We learn more about TJ’s daughter as he explains her state of mind on heaps of sugar. Then comes the comics, oh the fantastic comics. Haunt Volume 1, Savage She Hulk #1, DMZ Volume 7, Nemesis #1, Demo, Brave and the Bold #34, and then comes the Blackest night discussion that you have been waiting for since 4 sentences ago.

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Comic Couch 71

Oh Those Nostalgic 90’s!

What a fun show! The ‘Couch gang is all back together and we are back on a normal schedule. This episode was recorded earlier today. That means that we reviewed books that shipped today. Spoilers ahoy!

Books Reviewed

Worlds Finest #2
Image United #1
Uncanny X-men #517

Music By The Dropkick Murphys, and Wall of Voodoo.

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Comic Couch 63

Dennis loves the little children.

What a fun episode to record. It was only three of us this week and it ended up being a really fun show to do. We ramble on about the comings and goings of the comic book industry, and we discus who should be the next publisher over at DC. Do we have any inside information? No, but we all speculate like we do.
This week’s reviews were Dark Avengers #9, The Brave and the Bold #27, and Beast of Burden #1. It was a monster week for comics and the decision of what to review was certainly not an easy one.

Music by The Dropkick Murphys and Wall of Voodoo

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Comic Couch 59

Weeeeeee’re BAAAaaaaaAAAAck.

Yup! After an odd week off the Comic couch gang is back to review some books and insult each other in this our 59th Episode. In this episode we take the piss out of Archie #600, Batgirl #1, and the Vertigo Crime books Format. We also review The Green Lama: Bloodlust #1, X-Factor #47, and Blackest Night: Superman #1.

This being or 59th Episode you know what next week means right?!!? On the 10’s we do a very special drink along episode, next week happens to be one of those special shows. We want it to generally focus on you dear listeners so please send in more email so we can drunkenly read it on the show next week. It will be a blasty blast.

This week’s music is by The Dropkick Murphy’s and Mastadon.

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Comic Couch 58

Split Decision.

There were a lot of mixed opinions on this week’s quick and dirty version of the show. We all have had a busy couple of weeks so all we do is review some books and then argue over who is right. Doesn’t sound like much of a departure does it. It is a little. We were back down to the Original 3 hosts this week as we reviewed The Marvels Project #1, The Hangman #1, and Hack/Slash #24. Don’t forget Episode 60 is in two weeks and it is our special on the 10’s drink along episode. We are going to go through all of our email from you guys but we need more. Send’em in, drunken email reading should be a hoot.

Music by The Dropkick Murphys and Wall of Voodoo

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Comic Couch 56

What to say…..?

As the guy who has to do this write up it is odd for me to do it this week. I wasn’t part of the show proper. I was in the hospital. I think these guys reviewed a few books. Hell if I can remember which ones. If you do listen to the show pay attention to the last 4 minutes or so for a special message from me.

Music by The Dropkick Murphys, Dee-Lite, and Slipknot.

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Comic Couch 54

After a week off we are back to bring you spoiler-rific reviews and some interesting nerd conversations.

This week we review Dark X-Men The Beginnings #1, Chew #1, and Wednesday Comics #1. The conversation goes all over the place, even some places it shouldn’t. What else would you expect from your friends at the Comic Couch?

Hint: we talk about Red Skull’s Penis.

Music By: The Dropkick Murphys, Graphic Audio Crisis On Infinite Earths, and Cake.

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Comic Couch Episode #52

The bunch is back on the couch again this week with some reviews, wild speculation, and a judgment about the validity of Patrick’s breasts. Yes they are real and the are spectacular. No we don’t take any of this very seriously but would you have it any other way?

Books reviewed: Captain America #600 and Project Superpowers #0

Music By: The Dropkick Murphys

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Comic Couch Episode 50!


50 episodes who woulda’ thought?

As we announced on earlier shows this was a drink along show to celebrate th 50th episode, and we definitely lived up to that. First let me say that we review Timestorm:Spider-Man 1 Shot and Batman and Robin #1. After that there are some “discussions” that just have to be heard. Trying to describe them wouldn’t do anybody any justice whatsoever.

Despite the drunken hollering and screaming we had a great time recording this episode and we all hope you will come along for the next 50 episodes. The road to 100 starts here:)

Music by The Mahoneys and Everybody Out

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Cammy’s Comic Corner – Episode 81.5 (5/24/09)

As promised, a “.5” Episode! Picks include Batman: Battle For The Cowl #3 (DC), Invincible #62 (Image), Ex Machina #42 (WildStorm), Captain America #50 (Marvel), and Final Crisis Aftermath: Dance #1 (DC).

Batman, Captain America, and the Super Young Team made this week jam-packed with awesomeness!

Cammy’s Comic Corner – Episode 78 (5/1/09)

Sorry gang, no pick of the week this time around! However, Fast Five picks include Battle For The Cowl: The Underground #1 (DC), Nova #24 (Marvel), Final Crisis: Legion Of 3 Worlds #4 (DC), Sherlock Holmes #1 (Dynamite), and Green Lantern #40 (DC).

I also talk about Free Comic Book Day, and encourage you all to watch my Weapon X Episode before you see the Wolverine movie this weekend. Hopefully next week will have a top pick for sure!

Comic Timing – Episode 85: Live Review Corner!

Completely unedited, live from Orlando, Florida (but not MegaCon, that’s tomorrow) it’s episode 85 of Comic Timing! Brent Kossina, Brandon Christoper and Ian Levenstein go over Punisher #1, Final Crisis #7, and Bang! Tango #1. Did we mention we’re live? Cuz we’re live! That means all flubs and pauses and kept in, so this one be raw, yo.

Comic Timing is sponsored by Heroes Corner. Make sure to check out their deals on all the hottest comic books from the December Previews! This month’s Review Corner books are as follows:

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We will see you next time for our MegaCon coverage! Until then, thanks for listening, thanks for downloading, and thanks for sticking with us for 85 episodes!