Comic Timing Episode 155 – Special Edition: NYC


This past Saturday and Sunday was the first annual Special Edition: NYC comic convention! Put together by Reed Exhibitions, the show is essentially an extension of New York Comic Con that is entirely comic focused. Ian, Kris and Raph were there, and give their thoughts on this initial offering. After that, you’ll find interviews conducted by Raph and Ian throughout Saturday. Here’s who they talked to:

  • Victor DandridgeVantage: Inhouse ProductionsAndrew ChariparMisfit Corner Press
  • Andrew again, talking about Man of Steel. With Raph. Because we haven’t talked about this movie enough on this show!
  • “The Franchize” Jerry Gaylord of Identity Comics StudiosFanboys Vs. Zombies, Loki: Ragnarock And Roll
  • Wesley Sun of Sun Bros StudiosChinatown, Apocalypse Man, Monkey Fist
  • Sam EllisRobot Cowbow Samurai, Adventure Time and Bravest Warriors comics, Character Designer for Archer Season One.
  • Grant Ellis – The Old Rusty Gamer
  • Bryan J.L. GlassMice Templar, Furious
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    Boom! Addiction – Episode 5

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    Show Notes

    Welcome back to the show!

    On this episode Ed and Chris take a look at Six Gun Gorilla #3, Robocop: The Last Stand #1, Garfield Pet Force #1, Regular Show #3, Deathmatch #8, and Fanboys vs Zombies #17.


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    Alternate Reality – Episode 370


    Alternate Reality – Episode #370

    Guess who’s back??? That’s right ladies and gents it none other than Chris Partin. Mr. Partin has finally gotten his life back in order and now he stands ready to tackle the tough chore of hosting Alternate Reality once more, and just in time too, cause we were low on reviews of ancillary independent titles that no one reads!!! This week’s reviews were all over the place. Charlie loved X-Factor as it winds down to its final issues, Jon was severely burned on Age of Ultron and vows revenge, and Chris talk about everything from zombies to Houdini. You don’t wanna miss a moment!!!


    00:00:00 – Cold Open

    Comic Reviews

    00:08:23 – X-Factor #258
    00:15:31 – Fanboys vs Zombies #15
    00:21:02 – Age of Ultron #10
    00:36:02 – Mara #5
    00:38:34 – Captain Midnight #0
    00:49:19 – Indestructible Hulk #9
    00:55:55 – Animal Man #21
    01:02:59 – After Houdini #1
    01:15:29 – Superior Spider-Man #12

    01:25:04 – Close Out

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    The Pull List podcast #222: SUPREME #62 / DANGER CLUB #1 / LIAR’S KISS HC

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    0:00:00 – Spoiler warning

    0:03:58 – SUPREME #63
    0:11:03 – DANGER CLUB #1

    0:20:51 – The Stacks:
    0:20:53 – HELL YEAH #2
    0:21:32 – NEW MUTANTS #40
    0:23:33 – ANIMAL MAN #8
    0:24:33 – INVINCIBLE #90
    0:25:13 – CASANOVA: AVARITIA #3
    0:26:16 – CHEW #25
    0:27:03 – WHISPERS #2
    0:28:16 – OMAC #8
    0:29:29 – MEN OF WAR #8
    0:30:22 – FANBOYS VS. ZOMBIES #1
    0:32:02 – Top of The Stacks
    0:33:14 – Pull Quote

    0:33:57 – Trade Offs: LIAR’S KISS HC from Top Shelf