Comic Couch Episode 46

Wow, I really have no idea what went on this episode…the inmates were running the asylum.

I do know that we review New Mutants #1 and Power Girl #1. Both were highly anticipated series, listen to find out how they fared with our panel of fanboys.

I think we also talked about some movies.

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CCL Podcast #178 – Ex Machina Deluxe HC

Collected Comics Library Podcast #178

34,560Kb; 36m 25s

Sometimes a comic book comes along and makes you think. It makes you think about the world you live in; makes you think about your own life and makes you think about comic books in general and how they definitely are not just for kids. Writer Brian K. Vaughn (Y: The Last Man) and artist Tony Harris (Starman) do exactly that in Ex Machina and that is the reason we feature it on the CCL Podcast today. Yes, all of it is excellent story wise and artistically, but it’s with the incoherent editing of this Deluxe Hardcover from DC Comics/Windstorm, that I have a problem with.

Also on the show, as promised I tell you about my conspiracy theory with the upcoming X:Men: Longshot Premiere Classic Hardcover and its’ subsequent and timely Press Release from over the past weekend. And I read off a few e-mails regarding the
Marvel Illustrated books and who they really meant for – and yes I have an issue with that, too.

So basically the show today is a very cynical view of things. All this and The New Releases of the Week.

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The Q!PAW A to Z of British Comics – Part 1 of 3

“The true antidote to the average comic book podcast”

The first of our three part series, The A to Z of British Comics. Featuring A to I.

These clips were originally recorded last year for the Around Comics Podcast and it was never intended to be informative or factual. Same as normal really.

With that in mind, please enjoy Part one of our A to Z of British comics, and we’ll be back in a couple of weeks with a proper show…. probably.