F BombCast 136: Damn You Dirty Podcast

It’s a madhouse in here as the podcast turns August into the month of the simian. But first TJ speaks about a waste of two hours of his life, yep Insidious bites a big dick. Captain America leads us out of the doldrums of the Further and re introduces us to awesome that will eventually lead us to the ultimate awesome. That’s right folks, Planet of the Apes is here and there is no going back. Sci-Fi prior to Star Wars and it was actually awesome. What more could you ask for in a movie that lets you see Chuck Heston’s beautiful schlong. Dan Didio goes ape-shit (pun intended) and ultimate spiderman goes black, and you know what they say about that. Lastly, Mr. Terrific is stupid, no not the premise of the character but his ability within his comic book . Listen, Learn, Enjoy!


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