CCC: Talking Legion Quest Part 2


Legion has gone mad, seduces his future mother, and plans to kill Magneto? Allen and Ryan wrap up their coverage of Legion Quest and discuss the end of the X-Men!?

– Uncanny Vol 1 X-Men #321
– Cable Vol 1 #20
– X-Men Vol 2 #41

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Comic Timing – Episode 177: Deadpool Review


It’s time to make the chimichangas! Brent and Ian are joined by longtime friend of the show, and Supershow Episode veteran, Steve Katz, as they review the Rated R Superstar, Deadpool! Get ready for a pretty even-handed review of the film, as not everybody was completely thrilled with it. But some were! Two distinct opinions within with civil conversation throughout. Madness, right? Anywho, of course there’s madness! It’s Deadpool! And oh, spoilers, because duh. Then, the episode concludes with some quick talk about DC’s upcoming Rebirth.

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Panel Discussions #0018 – Fabian Nicieza & Ron Marz

Shortly before the final New 52 titles came out, we were joined by Fabian Nicieza and Ron Marz to talk their upcoming books for DC. Unfortunately that episode was lost to the sands of time and the whims of Libsyn. Now it’s back!

Music by Jonathan Coulton ( and Jimi Hendrix.
Ron Marz –

F BombCast 96: Flying Stags with Missile Packs

Do you feel like Partying? Then call this episode 100, feeling slightly tired and wish Episode 100 was another week, you are in luck cause you can say it is Episode 96. We learn Many Things in this episode that  are pertinent to the survival of our society, such as ummm…well…ahhhhhh.. yeah i was on the show and just finished listening to it and barely remember what the hell we spoke about. All i know is it was a party and all of you are invited. Me and Kev go over our top five brutal scenes in Film (cause someone needs more than a one day reminder). We here about a super shitty SciFi movie, and learn what Mike doesn’t like about the newest Dr. Who. Comic talk is represented with a great talk on Red Robin and Booster Gold. We go over the hatred that is One Moment in Time. TJ Gets slightly confused on Reading Korean Manga because it reads Correctly. Also some Hatred spewed at a Breast Cancer Research Charity and at Robert Kirkman.

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Cammy’s Comic Corner – Episode 135 (8/8/10)

Reviews are back (finally) this week! No Pick Of The Week, but we do have a Fast Five! Picks include Baltimore: The Plague Ships #1 (Dark Horse), Brightest Day #7 (DC), Supergod #4 (Avatar), Red Robin #15 (DC), and S.H.I.E.L.D. #3 (Marvel).

Remember to go watch the Cammy’s Comic-Con Corner episode if you haven’t already!

Gutter Trash – Episode 69: The Cat & The Bat


We review Fabian Nicieza and Kevin Maguire’s The Cat and The Bat. Music by Legbone, Black Wolf Fight and Q-Tip.

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Back To The Bins! #44


Disenfranchised by the modern comics industry, Scott Gardner and Michael Bailey (of “View From The Longbox” and “From Crisis To Crisis: A Superman Podcast” fame) now ply the timestream in a never-ending quest to re-discover and re-connect with that unique brand of fun and excitement that can only truly be found in good ol’ fashioned randomly-selected Comic Book back issues!! Journey with them now…back…Back To The Bins!!


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