F BombCast 45: We’re Sorry Greg Rucka

FBC Shirt3In this episode we Glorify the greatness that is Greg Rucka, but we have so many audio problems that we almost scrap the episode, almost but people that know the show i think will find some humor in there. TJ does not giggle the entire show, becasue you know he doesn’t want people to think he is the next Richard Pryor or anything, and  We discuss the top 5 TV theme songs.

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F BombCast 43: Yank Dave’s Doodle

FBC Shirt3With the fearless leader unable to participate due to a dead hard drive, an old co-host steps up to the plate and hits it out of the park. TJ is rather unhappy to have missed this one though as cocks were talked about in the first twelve minutes. It’s time to talk about current reads and you will not be disappointed as The Nobody and Bone are discussed. Transformers, Green Lantern, and Thor movie news is in there somewhere and lastly we Jam pack this monster of a show with an awesome Dune discussion.

F BombCast 41: X-Men X-Postions

FBC Shirt3

In the 41st fantastic edition of this show, the boys talk about Batman Mad Love, Supreme Power Vol. 3 and we do an in depth look at the history of the X-men, Well mostly Morrison and Claremont X-Men. TJ gets a little drunk and giddy and we discuss top five people we would have sex with even with the threat of STD.

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F BombCast 39: Are We Clowns?

fbc-shirt32In the 39th Chromium cover variant edition of the F BombCast, The boys talk about Madagascar the Movie not the fantastic african Island nation that produces great vanilla. We learn the TJ’s father-in-law is a huge douchebag.  Mucho Comics are discussed such as Barry Ween, Annihilation, Point Blank  and we take an in depth look at funny scenes in Movies, Well at least five of them. 


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F BombCast 35: Implied!!!


Episode 35
Get ready as it is a battle between Kevin and TJ over like opinions. Kevin is a Douche at the theater when drinking, and The Boys are the coolest in the room. The return of inappropriate humor, and Our favorite Sci Fi Series. Get all this and more at:
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F BombCast 34


Episode 34
That’s Right Buckaroos, Strap on as we start our discussion on Star Trek, TV and Movie, which is segued into by Mike creating a fantastic movie idea For Lifetime involving Tracey Gold, Dave Coulier, and Wheelchairs. Mucho Comics are discussed and we learn that Mike truly doesn’t listen to anyone else on the show. And the year is 1970, a black hole for TV and Movies, But a stirring debate about the birth of metal, and Crosby Stills Nash and Young.
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