F BombCast 156: F BombCast Assemble

Forgot to post this yesterday, sorry, kill me, or doon’t. In this fine episode of vulgar entertainment, we ponder the Avengers and why it sucked as hard as it idid. HA, just kidding, of course it was awesome. Gay Sex is discussed and Stephen Lynch. There is a bunch of other shit too but i am horrible at remembering this stuff the day after a show so forget about two days. By next tuesday you will be lucky if i remember what my co-hosts’ names are.

F BombCast 114: Kosher Baby Dill Juice

Here it is Folks, All three are here (for the most part) and we get right down to it talking about piss and other bodily fluids. Marvel Marketing is a laughable thing that tries to convince us that after this event “Nothing will ever be the same.” Well the last time they said that Captain America Died, and that changed it everything, oh wait, what is that, he’s back. Well at least we know that they took a year off of Events… except for Shadowland, Siege, Chaos War, Second Coming, did i miss any? The Architects are all that is worth buying, so forget getting anything Pak, Slott, David, Abnett, Lanning cause none of their shit really matters. The Expendables are discussed and the sheer amount of awesomeness that is in that movie makes kevin’s house catch on fire. Mike and TJ ends the show with some quick comic talk: Halcyon, Detective, RPM, Dungeons and Dragons, Lady Robotika, Pluto and more are discussed.

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Alternate Reality – Episode 313

Alternate Reality - Episode 313

Alternate Reality – Episode #313

Alternate Reality heads to the movies again this week as we take a look at the retro style action flick made by Sylvester Stallone that pays so much homage to the action movies of the past. Jon, Charlie, and official Alternate Reality contributor DeWayne Feenstra talk about the action movie of the summer.


Time Stamps h:mm:ss

0:00:00 – Cold Open
0:00:07 – Intro Music
0:00:45 – Intro

0:05:28 – Expendables Movie Review

1:03:31 – Email
1:10:20 – Close
1:13:47 – Exit Music

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