Comic Timing – Episode 115 Part 1: NYCC Interviews

Episode 115 of Comic Timing is here! This time, we go through all the interviews Ian conducted at New York Comic Con. You will hear from the likes of:

  • Derek Bacharach, Simply Superheroes
  • Nick Montgomery, Mind’s Eye
  • Andrew Zar, Dark Brain
  • Mike Desjarlais and Dave House, American Corpse
  • Joe McGlone, Leaves of Yggdrasil and Beyond the Dark
  • Everett Soares, Sky Pirates of Valendor
  • Rick Silva, Dandelion Studios
  • Dave Ryan, War of the Independents
  • JK Woodward, Fallen Angel
  • Andy Inahtko, Chicago Sun Times and Celestial Waste of Bandwidth
  • Doug Braton, Pop Culture Shock Therapy, The Deranged Stalkers Journal to Pop Culture Shock Therapy
  • Juan de Jesus, Geeks Unite!
  • Jason May, Robot Guy
  • Julian Lytle, Ants

    Thanks again to everyone who stopped by the booth throughout the weekend, and I hope to see everyone again in 2011!

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