Zone 4 #408: Marvel Breaks its Promise… Again!

The crew returns to a WEEKLY schedule as they celebrate their 9-Year Anniversary!

Topic Time: The relevance of events in the modern comic reading atmosphere.

Plus: Marvel’s Infinity saga and more! for unedited raw editions of the podcast with exclusive pre-shows!

The Next Issue: Seige vs Blackest Night


The Next Issue Podcast

In this roundtable, Aitch, Greg and special guest Neil the Cynical Reviewer compare and contrast the finales of both Seige and Blackest Night. They all tell what they liked and didn’t like and reflect briefly on how both companies can move forward from these events.

The Mean Geek-Comics Podcasting on the Edge of Civility-Episode #34-“Journalistic Integrity? What’s That?”

January 19 2010 Episode #34 Warhammer and TechJedi cover the year that was in a totally rambling, conversational method. Pretty much going through everything on the racks around us, just batting out our views on stories over the last 12 months.