On Location: The First July Visit to Heroes Aren’t Hard to Find

Happy 4th!

Michael and Derek are back at Heroes Aren’t Hard to Find for the first of two July on-location episodes. They visit the shop on Independence Day, and they use the occasion to discuss current trends and titles in the comics industry. Mike explores recent manifestations of The Avengers and Justice League, focusing on Marvel and DC through what he calls the “classic Coke” approach. His discussion takes him across the writings of Jason Aaron and Scott Snyder, and then circling back to Tom King’s current work on Batman and the recent marriage event. Looking at the non-mainstream side of comics, Derek talks about his reaction to the first two issues of Evan Dorkin and Veronica Fish’s Blackwood and the initial offering of Mickey Spillane’s Mike Hammer, part of Titan Comics’ Hard Case Crime series. He also brings up Naoki Urasawa’s 20th Century Boys and the recent announcement of new Perfect Editions from VIZ Media. And, it being July 4th, the Two Guys also discuss comics, politics, and the current state of the country.



Comic News Insider Episode 855 – Book Expo America w/ Ngozi Ukazu!


Comic News Insider: Episode 855 is now available for free download! Click on the link or get it through iTunes! Sponsored by Dynamic Forces.

Reviews: Aquaman/Jabberjaw Special #1,  Blackwood #1, Black Lightning/Hong Kong Phooey Special #1, Flash/Speed Buggy Special #1, Man Of Steel Vol 2 #1, Star Wars Lando Double Or Nothing #1, Super Sons/Dynomutt Special #1 

Crazy schedules means a solo episodes with friends sending in their audio reviews! Thanks to Marta, Ashley, Jon, Rachael, Erica, Emily and Adam for those awesome reviews. Jimmy went to Book Expo America last week and sat down with cartoonist Ngozi Ukazu to talk about her webcomic Check, Please! that is being collected by First Second Books later this year. They have a great chat about how the project came to be, the characters, art, and of course, hockey. Jimmy also gives his thoughts on BEA and Book Con. News includes: a new scripted teen crime series podcast is coming from Alex Segura/Monica Gallagher,  Comixology is releasing creator owned titles, Archie 1941 will be a mini-series showing a more realistic look at the Riverdale gang back in the 40’s and more! Leave your iTunes comments! 5 stars and nothing but love! Also, get a hold of us!



Comic News Insider

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Comics Alternative Interviews: Evan Dorkin, Pt. 2

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“I don’t have a successful record of making people happy”


The Two Guys are back with the second half of their marathon interview with Evan Dorkin. This installment picks up where yesterday’s segment left off, in a discussion of the Beasts of Burden series. Derek asks if this Dark Horse title has become a defining work of Evan’s, if he’s now DorkinSketchknown as the “Beasts of Burden guy” instead of the “Milk and Cheese guy.” And Evan goes on to share some information on the next comic in the series, What the Cat Dragged In, and his continued working relationship with Jill Thompson. Also in this half, the conversation gets more superhero-y, with Evan discussing his work with DC’s World’s Funnest and Bizarro Comics and his creation of Fight-Man for Marvel. He also expresses his unfiltered thoughts on current superhero fan culture, including the ridiculous premises surrounding Peter Parker’s Aunt May — “I almost married Doctor Octopus. That’s how fucked up my life is” — and the unlikely reality of today’s box office hits: “Shit, it’s Ant-Man. I’m paying money to see Ant-Man…Fucking Ant-Man!” Along the way the guys also talk about Bill and Ted’s Excellent Comic BookSpace Ghost Coast to Coast, Yo Gabba Gabba!Milk and Cheese, and the new Stela project with Sarah Dyer (his wife), Calla Cthulhu. There is a lot packed into this part of the conversation, and, when set alongside yesterday’s first half, it is the longest interview in the history of The Comics Alternative. And that’s just dorkalicious!

Be sure to listen to the first half of the Evan Dorkin interview!


Comics Alternative Interviews: Evan Dorkin, Pt. 1

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“I don’t want to know how Batman’s equipment works…and I don’t mean his junk”


Have you ever listened to an interview on The Comics Alternative and thought, “That was good, but I wish the Two Guys had talked longer with their guest?” If so, then this conversation will scratch that itch…and more. In this episode Gene and Derek have the pleasure of talking with Evan Dorkin, and getting much more than they bargained for. In fact, the interview lasted over two hours and forty-five minutes, so the guys decided devildadwebto break up the conversation over two episodes. In this first half of the interview, Derek and Gene talk with Evan about The Eltingville Club, released last month from Dark Horse Books — and reviewed by the guys a few weeks ago — and how his experiences with comics culture all fed into the stories. Along with this, they discuss the pilot of Welcome to Eltingville and the twists and turns of creating the animation during the early days of Adult Swim. The guys also begin talking with Evan about his and Jill Thompson’s Beasts of Burden series and how this has become one of his career-defining works. (They continue their conversation on Beasts of Burden in the second half of the interview.) And they learn, much to their excitement, that Evan would like to bring back his wild series, Dork, in some manner. As you might expect in an interview with the creator of Milk and Cheese, hilarity abounds. The guys point out that this is not only the longest interview they’ve ever conducted, but also one packed with the most laughs. Among other topics, you’ll hear Evan talk about the absurdities of convention culture, the sheer idiocy of Seth MacFarlane’s Family Guy — “the Trump of animation” — and his complete disregard for Batman’s gadgets. Plus, he berates Derek for not remembering the role of Ecto-1 in the last Eltingville Club story. What more could you want in a podcast interview?

But there IS more to this interview. Be sure to return tomorrow for the second half!



Comics Alternative Podcast Episode 66: A Review of The Best American Comics 2013

Best. Best! or Best?

best-american-comics-2013This week the Two Guys with PhDs Talking about Comics take their annual look at Houghton Mifflin Harcourt’s The Best American Comics collection (including material published between September 1, 2011 and August 31, 2012), this year edited by Jeff Smith. They begin by noting that this volume is significant for several reasons, not the least of which is the fact that this is the last to be overseen by series editors Jessica Abel and Matt Madden. Andy and Derek marvel at the work the two have been doing since they began with the 2008 volume, and they wish Abel and Madden well in their future endeavors…and they look forward to seeing what the new series editor, Bill Kartalopoulos, will bring to the table.

The guys highlight what they consider to be their favorite contributions to the 2013 volume, specifically commenting on the sheer number of entries that originally appeared in Dark Horse Presents. They also discuss the need for a book such as this to introduce readers to new material, ConcreteParkthe pros and cons of excerpting from longer works — Derek noted the potential pitfalls of the practice, although Andy was more accepting — how the 2013 volume differs from  previous years’ collections, the kind of trends they see in this year’s volume, the fact that Evan Dorkin has two different kinds of contributions in the book, the growing representation of webcomics in these yearly volumes, and the dominance of comics anthologies in Smith’s collection as well as the relatively little attention this year given to serialized titles. (Were there just not that many “good” serialized comics between September 2011 and August 2012?) The Two Guys also get into a larger discussion of the very idea of publishing a “best of” anthology of this type. The “best” according to whom? Might there be certain biases involved? What’s the role of editorial predilection? Who is included as part of the “best,” who is excluded, and why? They don’t attempt to second guess this year’s volume editor, Jeff Smith, but they do think it’s important to keep these questions in mind. Well…Derek does. He had a problem with the “Best” part of the title and would feel more comfortable with a different name. Andy thought that Derek was being too critical in addressing the series name. Derek said that maybe Andy should change his name, as well.

But once again, the Two Guys with PhDs hearty recommendation the annual Best American Comics collection, marvel at the gargantuan task undertaken by the editor, and thoroughly enjoy the many contributions collected between the covers!


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The Fourth Wall Comics Podcast Episode 104

In which Jesse and Freddie celebrate a return to form from Ed Brubaker

and Art wonders why we’re not discussing The Walking Dead.

The FOURTH WALL FIVE for this week are:

  • [01:41] Secret Avengers #5
  • [08:12] Thor #615
  • [17:15] The Flash #5
  • [25:30] Treehouse of Horror #16
  • [31:24] Nemesis #3 (OF 4)

The Fourth Wall Comics Podcast Episode 94

In which 3 dudes kick back and talk about comics, video games, and teabagging. Enjoy.

Show Notes:

[01:03] The Flash #3
[09:14] Jokers Asylum: Clayface #1
[17:01] Batman Beyond #1
[23:24] Wonder Woman #600
[33:52] Astonishing X-Men #34
[38:06] Thor #611
[41:03] Secret Avengers #2

[49:02] Abe Sapien: Abyssal Plain #1
[53:19] Yours Truly, Jack The Ripper #1
[58:49] Powers v3 #5
[1:01:58] Invincible #73
[1:05:57] The Last Zombie #1

Heroes Con 2010 Panel: Jill Thompson and Evan Dorkin

Still standing (or sitting) after countless panels, Tom Spurgeon will certainly have his hands full this hour as he moderates a lively discussion between the Scary Godmother herself, Jill Thompson,and Evan Dorkin (Milk and Cheese) the man who turned a pair of innocent dairy products against humanity.  Jill and Evan will discuss their collaboration process and what it takes to complete each issue of the fantastic new series Beasts of Burden.

Podcast Link: http://www.thedollarbin.net/shows/heroescon-2010-jill-thompson-and-evan-dorkin.html