Super Hero Speak – #237: Eric Borden

This week the guys are joined by the creative mind behind Skimshaw, Eric Borden. Eric tells the guys how he transitioned from film making to comics. Plus he give insight to his inspiration behind Skrimshaw and what’s it  like to work with Alterna Comics. So sit back, relax and enjoy!

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Super Hero Speak – #227: Ethan Van Sciver

This week the guys sit down with the one and only Ethan Van Sciver! Ethan talks to the guys about his career and how he stays passionate about the work. Plus he explains the importance of smiling both for yourself and for your characters. Plus his passion and love for the medium will guaranteed inspire you as well! All this and much more on this Super Hero Speak!

Ethan Van Sciver


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Deconstructing Comics #416: Grant Morrison’s “New X-Men”

WolverineIn the world of corporate comics, creators are challenged to put together a run on a given book that will stand out against everything that’s come before in that book, and leave a mark on the series that will last well beyond their run. Grant Morrison’s New X-Men run, from 2001 to 2004, met that challenge. In the ten years since he left the book, several characters and situations he set up have endured, including Fantomex, the Stepford Cuckoos, and Scott Summers’ relationship with Emma Frost. Morrison had a good handle on all his characters, old and new, and introduced the new ones in a way that made us care about them, something that certain comics writers have failed to do.

Of course, it’s not perfect. The X-men going public seemed to be the biggest event of the run — somehow overshadowing the slaughter of six million mutants on Genosha. The art was inconsistent — great when Frank Quitely was on it, but questionable some other times. This week Tim and Kumar examine Morrison’s run, particularly the initial “Cassandra Nova” arc.

Super Podcasto Magnifico! Ep. #141: Xbox One, Green Lantern #20 and DOOMED!

Episode #141

On this podcast we’re joined by JoshWill from Foshkos as we discuss the next-gen game console: the Xbox One. Then we review Geoff Johns’ final GL story in Green Lantern #20 and show some love for the upcoming documentary Doomed: The Untold Story of Roger Corman’s The Fantastic Four. Listen in!

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F BombCast 76: You are the Ball Lickers

When Mike’s away, the monkey will play. This episode starts light gets a little heavy but then we get into the meat of episode and talk comics like they are going out of style. Flash Rebirth is the topic at hand and find out who liked it and who gave it a resounding Meh. Then the focus turns to Uppity artist and those that can make their own schedules. We go in depth with the Wordballoon interview with Ethan Van Sciver. Other comics discussed are GI Joe Hiss 1, Spawn 196, Hellblazer: Pandemonium, Wolverine Weapon X 11, and the last two Detective Comics issues.

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Teenage Wasteland Episode 63 – What’s Up With Ethan Van Sciver?

This week on Teenage Wasteland…

Ethan Van Sciver had a lot to say on his recent Word Balloon interview. Health issues and the lateness of Flash: Rebirth seemed to grab the most attention, but there was something else that he said that really stuck out to me. Also, a few quick reviews and another installment of The Sandbox!

Books Discussed
Filthy Rich
The Leading Man #1-5
Orc Stain #1

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F BombCast 72: We Blow Kirby Again and Again

Episode 72

What starts out as two becomes three to discuss five that is really ten. (Kevin’s head just exploded a little bit) Okay have you wrapped your head around that? Can you tell i have been reading some really obscure Grant Morrison this week? Well I have. The first half hour Shaft and Righty go on about the superbowl, our weeks, and how our kids suck our will to be adults anymore. (Well not so much but it sounds cool, right? RIGHT?!?!) We talk some iPad goodness (guess which one of us loves it?) Comic talk to slightly plentiful: Robocop #1 and Black Terror #7 from Dynamite, X-Men: The End from Marvel, and Phantom Stranger #42 and the Question #37 from DC. Our top five is top Five Kirby creative teams, Wait? What’s that, Kev? oh it wasn’t that? Okay it really is Top Five Comic Book Creative Teams. Listen and ENJOY! That is an ORDER! (really just a nice request but i try to make myself more authoritative.)

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Cammy’s Comic Corner – Episode 104 (11/22/09)

In this episode, the Pick of the Week goes to Geoff Johns & Ethan Van Sciver for The Flash: Rebirth #5 (DC). Fast Five picks include Amazing Spider-Man #612 (Marvel), Irredeemable #8 (BOOM! Studios), Air #15 (Vertigo), Dr. Horrible #1 (Dark Horse), and Invincible #68 (Image).

I demand a Dr. Horrible ongoing!

Comic Timing – Episode 91

Review Corner Time! On this episode Ian and Brent catch up with books, some recent, some late, giving you a total of four books! Count ’em four! The books we go over are:

Captain America Comics Special #1

Flash Rebirth #1

Ignition City #1

Detective Comics #858 Whatever happened to the Caped Crusader (part 2)

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