Arc Reactions – 35.2 – Denver Comiccon 2015 Part 1

Denver Comiccon 2015 was amazing. Dylan and John were able to interview 8 writers and artists for DC comics as well as 2 bands that were at the convention. We had so many interviews that we had to breakup this coverage into 2 episodes. In this episode, Dylan and John also talk about their overall experience at the convention including cosplay, people they met, and the panels they were able to attend.

Show notes

Intro – 0:00
Marguerite Bennet – 6:00
Jeff King – 15:21
Becky Cloonan – 25:20
Chemistry Club – 35:35
Jimmy Palmiotti and Amanda Conner – 38:41


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Trentus Magnus Punches Reality Episode 21- The Elseworlds Series 02- In Darkest Knight

Batman- In Darkest KnightIn this latest ball-busting episode, Professors Michael Bailey and Alan come back to continue The Elseworlds Series and talk about Batman- In Darkest Knight written by Mike W. Barr with art by Jerry Bingham. They all loved it! Or did they? Listen and find out!

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Trentus Magnus Punches Reality Episode 20- The Elseworlds Series 01- Superman- Red Son

In this ball-breaking episode, Magnus joins forces with Professor Alan of the Relatively Geeky Network and Professor Michael Bailey of Views From the Longbox, From Crisis to Crisis- A Superman Podcast and too many other shows to mention to kick off a new miniseries. Yes sir, this is the start of The Elseworlds Series, the first storyline of which is Superman- Red Son, written by Mark Millar and drawn by Dave Johnson and Kilian Plunkett.

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Alternate Reality – Episode 310

Alternate Reality - Episode 310

Alternate Reality – Episode #310

Everybody picks what they love this week, as Jon looks at Superman: Last Family of Krypton (big surprise), Charlie reviews Deadpool #1000 (shocker), and Chris talks about G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero (totally called it). In fact even the lightning round reviews were positive, with glowing reviews of Secret Six, Murderland, and Jonah Hex. So no hate this week, not even from Jon towards any unsuspecting groups of people outside his own ethnicity, social group, and religious affiliation,… huh,.. go figure.


Time Stamps h:mm:ss

0:00:00 – Cold Open
0:00:05 – Intro Music
0:01:34 – Intro
0:10:29 – In Stock Trades Advertisement

0:12:26 – Comic Reviews
0:13:57 – Superman: The Last Family of Krypton #1
0:23:56 – Deadpool #1000
0:30:51 – G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero #157
0:38:08 – Brightest Day #7
0:46:43 – Nancy in Hell #1
0:52:08 – Amazing Spider-Man #633

1:01:24 – Lightning Round
1:03:08 – I Zombie #4
1:06:48 – Secret Six #24
1:08:51 – Murderland #1
1:12:00 – Jonah Hex #58
1:15:01 – Grim Fair Tales: Inferno #2
1:16:40 – New Mutants Forever #1

1:20:12 – E-mail
1:33:13 – Close
1:36:09 – Exit Music

Intro and Exit Music from Scott Pilgrim: The Motion Picture Soundtrack

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F BombCast 95: Bendis and Millar Power Hour

In this fine episode you will learn the most unsexy 9 words that you can ever say to a woman. Also A bottle of Poland Springs and the god damn environment draw the ire of TJ. Kevin Discusses Kick-Ass and that leads to a discussion of Over-rated Writers including Bendis and the Story telling techniques that they like to stomp into the ground, Scarlett and Thought Balloons I am looking in your direction. Then we get into a little Brightest day and Green Arrow discussion. Also spoken about is the Thor Power Pack series and Mystery Society 2. Superman: Last Family of Krypton and Elseworlds is brought up and we learn who like them and who doesn’t and that brings us to the Annual Events of the ’90s. We get deep into an Issue vs. Trade debate that leads to some fantastic Booster Gold and JLI talk.

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Two True Freaks! Classic – Political Season Special #1

This episode is a rerun that originally aired October 6th, 2008.


Hail to the Chiefs, Baby!

In this episode, The Freaks discuss the presidencies of Captain America and Superman. They also discuss the first black president and a female vice-president, but not in the way you’re thinking! Plus some patriotic words from “One Called Kirk”.


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