Comic News Insider Episode 335 – Heroes Con w/ Jonathan Hickman, Mike Maihack, Curt Franklin/Chris Haley, Rob Anderson, Enrica Jang!

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Reviews:  50 Girls 50 #1, Reed Gunther #1, Zombies Christmas Carol #1

Jimmy attended Heroes Con and got a ton of great interviews for your listening pleasure! Enough to spread out over 4 or 5 episodes! In this episode, Jimmy chats with Jonathan Hickman, Mike Maihack, Curt Franklin/Chris Haley, Rob Anderson, and Enrica Jang. Good pal Mike Cho returns to guest c0-host. They briefly talk about some of the games coming out of E3 and Jimmy gives his massive Heroes Con recap. News includes: DC starts announcing new titles for relaunch, Batman Inc. will return, Eliza Dushku gets Torched, Valiant Comics returns and Jeff Lemire’s Essex County makes the jump to film. As always, the Top 3, listener feedback and more! Leave your iTunes comments! 5 stars and nothing but love!

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Tune in Thursday for a special Heroes Con interview show with Don Rosa, Van Jensen, Chris Schweizer, and Charles Soule.

Come back on Saturday to hear the panel that Jimmy moderated called Taking on the Property: Iconography with Darwyn Cooke, Ed McGuinness, Don Rosa, and Tim Sale!